Changing mouse characteristics

With the Mouse control, you can specify:

To start the Mouse control, double-click on the Mouse icon in the Preferences Editor, located in the Controls window.

Each of the mouse settings are described below:

Right- or left-handed mouse

By default, the left mouse button is mouse button 1 (the select button). This favors right-handed users, so left-handed users may find it easier to change mouse button 1 to the right mouse button. See also ``Mouse buttons''.

NOTE: All adjustments made to the mouse are effective immediately within the Mouse control window. This lets you try your changes as you make them, but can be confusing if you select Left Handed and then do not realize that you must now use the right mouse button as the select button instead of the left.

If you click the mouse button and nothing happens, the mouse may be configured for use with the other hand.

Double click speed

You can change the maximum amount of time allowed between the two clicks of a double-click. The slower the double-click setting, the more time is allowed between the two clicks.

You can test your settings on the double-click test pad by selecting and de-selecting it, using double-clicks.

NOTE: The newly defined double-click speed does not take effect in windows that are currently open. To implement the new speed, you must restart the Desktop.

Mouse speed

You can change the speed at which you can move the mouse pointer across the screen.

The ``Acceleration'' slider bar sets the speed to which the pointer accelerates after being moved a short distance. The faster the setting, the faster the pointer can move. A fast setting lets you make short, precise movements but still move quickly when you want to move across the screen.

The ``Distance moved before mouse accelerates'' slider bar specifies the distance the pointer moves before it accelerates. The longer the setting, the longer it takes the pointer to accelerate.

To exit and save your changes, select OK.

To restore your mouse settings to their state before you started modifying them, select Cancel.

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