Changing how you start and exit the Graphical Environment

To change how you start and exit the Graphical Environment, double-click on the Session icon in the Preferences Editor, located in the Controls window.

You can continue working with the Desktop layout and programs in the same state as your last session by selecting:

   Resume previous session
(This selection restores only the Desktop layout and running programs; it does not reopen the direcory windows, desktop windows or Treeview windows that were open when you logged out.)

Or, you can start each session with the default Desktop appearance by selecting:

   Start a new session (my desktop)
To change the default appearance, first configure your Graphical Environment as desired. For example, you may want to have multiple desktops open automatically each time you log in, with some clients iconified, and special programs running. Then select:
   Save current configuration
You also have the option of deciding each time you log in whether you want to use the default Desktop or the Desktop as you left it by selecting:
   Ask each time
If you want to avoid logging out accidentally, select:
   Confirm that I want to log out
This selection means that when you select Exit from the Desktop File menu, you will need to respond to a dialog box asking you to confirm your selection before you can completely exit.

After you have made your Session selections, click on OK.

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