Changing colors with the Color control

The Color control lets you change the color scheme (palette) used in the Graphical Environment. The colors in the selected palette are assigned to window components, including backgrounds, foregrounds, text, and frame shadows. Palettes can be selected from a list, created, edited, and deleted. The colors that make up a palette can be selected from a list or mixed using one of two color mixing models.

To run the Color control, double-click on the Color icon in the Preferences Editor, located in the Control window.

NOTE: The Color control requires a display that supports at least 16 colors or grayscales. If you try to run Color on a monochrome system, you see an error message.

To select one of the provided palettes, select it from the list. If you like the new color scheme, click on OK.

To exit Color without making any changes, click on Cancel. You are asked to verify that you really want to discard your changes.

See also:

See ``Changing colors'' and the scocolor(XC) manual page for information on how programs in the Graphical Environment support palettes, on making color changes on a client-by-client basis, and on setting colors from the UNIX command line.
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