2008-02-29T23:59:31.476236Z Ray Johnston

Fix typo that caused unbalanced 'q' 'Q' operators in PDF's (caused by
rev 8501). Bug 689728.


2008-02-29T22:27:59.143965Z Ralph Giles

Release notes for the 8.62 release. Thanks to Ray Johnston for compiling these.


2008-02-29T20:49:04.253927Z Ralph Giles

Remove some C++ style comments.

[src/siscale.c src/gdevijs.c]

2008-02-29T20:49:02.503198Z Ralph Giles

Add some new files to the documentation tree.


2008-02-29T20:47:52.884152Z Ralph Giles

Update product name, copyright and release dates.

[doc/History7.htm doc/Projects.htm doc/History8.htm man/dvipdf.1 man/ps2ascii.1 doc/Use.htm doc/Readme.htm doc/Deprecated.htm doc/Source.htm man/ps2epsi.1 doc/Install.htm src/gscdef.c doc/API.htm doc/Issues.htm doc/DLL.htm doc/Drivers.htm man/pfbtopfa.1 doc/Release.htm doc/Commprod.htm doc/Xfonts.htm doc/Devices.htm doc/Language.htm src/version.mak man/gs.1 src/dwsetup.rc man/pf2afm.1 doc/Fonts.htm doc/Ps2ps2.htm man/printafm.1 doc/Develop.htm doc/Ps2pdf.htm doc/Helpers.htm man/pdf2dsc.1 doc/Psfiles.htm doc/Lib.htm doc/gs-vms.hlp doc/Htmstyle.htm man/font2c.1 man/gsnd.1 man/pdfopt.1 src/winint.mak doc/News.htm man/pdf2ps.1 man/ps2pdf.1 doc/Make.htm doc/Details8.htm doc/Testing.htm doc/Unix-lpr.htm doc/Ps-style.htm doc/C-style.htm doc/History1.htm doc/History2.htm man/gslp.1 doc/History3.htm man/wftopfa.1 doc/Ps2epsi.htm doc/History4.htm man/ps2pdfwr.1 man/ps2ps.1 doc/History5.htm doc/History6.htm]

2008-02-29T18:53:14.162723Z Ray Johnston

Add default FontResourceDir needed when COMPILE_INITS=1 is used so
that the fonts from Resource/Font in the distribution directory that
are built into %rom%Resource/Font/ will be found.


2008-02-29T08:13:08.227205Z Ray Johnston (details)

Fix COMPILE_INITS=1. Note the next commit to the PCL tree will combine
with this one, but we can't commit to both trees atomically.

[src/openvms.mak src/psromfs.mak src/macosx.mak src/int.mak src/watcw32.mak src/dvx-gcc.mak src/unixansi.mak src/msvclib.mak src/unixlink.mak src/os2.mak src/lib.mak src/bcwin32.mak src/ugcclib.mak src/gsromfs0.c src/ src/msvc32.mak src/unix-gcc.mak src/unix-aux.mak src/macos-mcp.mak src/watclib.mak]

2008-02-28T14:56:32.629339Z Alex Cherepanov (details)

Attempt to repair invalid embedded TT fonts without cmap table.
Bug 689707, customer 531.


2008-02-27T19:36:18.181168Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Improve transparency performance, step 4a.

[lib/ lib/]

2008-02-27T19:22:57.279403Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Improve transparency performance, step 4.

[src/gstrans.c src/ztrans.c src/gdevpdft.c src/gstrans.h src/gdevp14.c]

2008-02-27T18:39:31.036262Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Improve transparency performance, step 3.


2008-02-27T00:47:37.036819Z Marcos Woehrmann (details)

Added setting of fill_rule in pclxl_endpath().


2008-02-27T00:08:22.308407Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Improve transparency performance, step 2.

[src/lib.mak src/gxistate.h src/gsistate.c src/gdevpdfg.c]

2008-02-26T23:14:40.608304Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Improve transparency performance, step 1.

[src/gstrans.c src/gstrans.h]

2008-02-26T07:12:49.848447Z Alex Cherepanov (details)

Change the decimal separator in generated strings to '.' effectively selecting
a C numeric locale without calling any locale functions. Bug 689624.

[src/spprint.c src/zdouble.c]

2008-02-25T16:10:43.614503Z Alex Cherepanov

Remove a space betveen -f and a file name to prevent parsing of the file name
that starts with '-' as an options. Bug 689682.


2008-02-25T05:48:45.219666Z Alex Cherepanov

Add a check for null value. Since rev. 6956 following Adobe implementation
Ghostscript doesn't accept null as a key in dictionary look-up. Bug 689696.


2008-02-25T04:20:47.177440Z Alex Cherepanov

When the values of the color key mask exceed the valid range clip them to the
nearest valid values and continue. Don't discard the mask as we did before.
Bug 689717, customer 580.


2008-02-24T09:21:54.361457Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 8).


2008-02-24T03:37:03.979896Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 7).


2008-02-24T02:58:34.824461Z Alex Cherepanov (details)

Fix link errors in the file descriptor-based implementation of file streams.
Move function used by both fd and stdio implementations to a separate file
and compile it in both versions. Bug 688918.

[src/lib.mak src/sfxstdio.c src/sfxcommon.c]

2008-02-24T01:12:18.214936Z Alex Cherepanov

Add definitions of some C99 types missing from old versions of Cygwin.


2008-02-23T22:26:01.799844Z Ray Johnston

Fix typo that caused Cygwin build to fail if 'fontconfig' package was present.


2008-02-22T20:18:08.422807Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 6).

[src/gsimage.c src/lib.mak src/gxiscale.c src/siscale.c src/gdevm24.c]

2008-02-22T10:29:49.290734Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (FAPI) : Embedded fonts didn't work (continued).


2008-02-22T10:09:30.542153Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (FAPI) : Embedded fonts didn't work.


2008-02-20T21:02:48.212097Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 5).

[src/lib.mak src/gsmatrix.c src/gximono.c src/gxidata.c src/gsmatrix.h src/gdevm24.c src/gxipixel.c]

2008-02-18T20:28:59.836803Z Ralph Giles

Propagate the new method argument change introduced in r8528 to the wts
device so that it compiles again.


2008-02-17T23:36:50.588580Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 4).

[src/gxiscale.c src/siscale.c src/gxipixel.c]

2008-02-17T23:25:47.528293Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 3).

[src/lib.mak src/gxiscale.c src/gxfixed.h src/siscale.c src/sisparam.h src/gximage.h src/gxipixel.c]

2008-02-17T22:32:15.427994Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 2).

[src/gxclist.c src/gxdevbuf.h src/gxdevmem.h src/gdevppla.c src/gdevmem.c src/gdevbmpa.c src/gdevprn.c src/gdevppla.h src/gdevm24.c src/gxclread.c src/gdevpng.c src/gdevprn.h src/gdevijs.c]

2008-02-17T03:59:45.216145Z Ray Johnston (details)

Fix for regressions introduced with rev 8526. Some resolutions of CMYK, 1-bit
per component devices that had CMYK colors and Gray colors had strange dithers.
Bug 689706.


2008-02-14T08:34:56.225081Z Ray Johnston (details)

Improve Halftone tile cache efficiency. Make default cache large enough
on default 32-bit (LARGE) configuration to allow for > 256 cache tiles
when using the '' 167x167 Threshold array. Change cache
lookup logic to eliminate collisions when the number of cache slots
exceeds the number of levels (the normal case). Remove duplicated
ht cache default size #defines and normalize the names to end in
_size (to imply size in bytes) and be consistent with other similar
function/macro names.

[src/gshtscr.c src/gzht.h src/gsht.c src/gdevprna.c src/gxht.c]

2008-02-12T20:30:17.540929Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued).

[src/gxdda.h src/lib.mak src/gxiscale.c src/siscale.c src/sisparam.h src/gximage.h src/gxipixel.c]

2008-02-12T19:03:19.125442Z Ralph Giles

Document the need to update the current documentation snapshot.


2008-02-09T02:30:31.322331Z Ralph Giles

Clamp the number components read from the ICC DataSource array to the 
number actually allocated to avoid buffer overflow. CESA-2008-001.


2008-02-09T00:55:38.575949Z Ralph Giles (details)

Include 12 and 16 bit image support as part of the core graphics 
library. Bug 689688.

[src/lib.mak src/int.mak]

2008-02-07T09:33:22.506379Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (pdfwrite): problems with unusual PDF text rendering modes.

[src/gdevpdts.c src/gdevpdtt.c lib/]

2008-02-04T22:18:08.283584Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image.

[src/lib.mak src/gxidata.c src/gdevddrw.c src/gdevm24.c src/gxclread.c src/gxi12bit.c src/gxipixel.c]

2008-02-03T17:54:23.256452Z Alex Cherepanov

Modify pdf_info utility to match the changes in PDF interpreter interface.
Bug 689680.


2008-02-01T22:05:51.322620Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (graphics) : Interpolated images were shifed in a half of source pixel.


2008-01-31T22:20:32.934182Z Ray Johnston (details)

Fix ColorValues parameter problem when device has total number of bits (depth)
of more than 31 bits, resulting in a "rangecheck" (-15) error.


2008-01-29T17:02:50.720617Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (graphics) : Optimize filling a path with a shading color (continued 2).

[src/gsptype2.c src/gsptype2.h src/gximask.c src/gxfill.c]

2008-01-29T12:41:42.337727Z mpsuzuki (details)

Fix (TT): Ignore broken post 2.0 table generated by "Windows Type 1 Installer".


2008-01-29T11:54:50.007576Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (graphics) : Optimize filling a path with a shading color (continued).


2008-01-28T23:02:59.180158Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (graphics) : Optimize filling a path with a shading color.

[src/gsptype2.c src/gsptype2.h src/gxfill.c]

2008-01-28T10:31:45.187261Z mpsuzuki (details)

Fix: ignore the embedded font resource when PDF interpreter resolves
     the unembedded font resource.

[lib/ src/zfont.c]

2008-01-28T09:58:54.861949Z mpsuzuki (details)

Fix (TT): Fix a bug in /getinterval_from_stringarray


2008-01-28T08:50:10.139318Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist & transparency) : Improve the compositor queue logic (continued).


2008-01-28T08:45:21.850870Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist & transparency) : Improve the compositor queue logic.


2008-01-26T13:21:27.618379Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (transparency) : Memory leak after an image with soft mask.

[src/gstrans.c src/ztrans.c src/gstparam.h src/gstrans.h src/gdevp14.c]

2008-01-25T08:17:16.431601Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (Font renderer) : Horizontal metrics sometimes applied with WMode 1 fonts.

[src/int.mak src/zchar1.c]

2008-01-23T21:13:16.354024Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist & transparency) : Inconsisting compressed color index info.


2008-01-23T18:33:35.648405Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (DSC parser) : Avoid a structure type name duplicate.


2008-01-23T18:12:27.956590Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (patterns) : The clipping was wrong with antrivial pattern matrix (continued).

[src/gdevpdfi.c src/zpcolor.c]

2008-01-23T18:09:49.970130Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (patterns) : The clipping was wrong with antrivial pattern matrix.


2008-01-23T16:49:51.344351Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (pdfwrite): Wrong format string for pprintg.


2008-01-23T13:30:39.283039Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (shadings) : A memory deallocation problem.

[src/lib.mak src/gsptype2.c]

2008-01-23T13:23:09.676697Z Till Kamppeter

Added HP's KRGB patch for improved control of true black text printing on color printers with HPIJS. Bug #689065 (Ubuntu LP: #69905) is fixed in this updated version of the patch.


2008-01-21T20:59:55.657274Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (save/restore) : Remove gs_ref_memory_s::inherited.

[src/gxalloc.h src/igc.c src/gsalloc.c src/isave.c]

2008-01-20T22:23:07.686290Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (save/restore) : Do not create invisible save levels.


2008-01-20T09:56:15.017727Z Ralph Giles

Only report the ICC Profile colorspace when the jasper library's debug 
level is above zero. Bug 689662.


2008-01-20T09:21:15.660626Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (save/restore) : Compact the changes list against big memory leak.

[src/gxalloc.h src/gsalloc.c src/isave.c]

2008-01-18T21:50:38.830947Z Alex Cherepanov

Explicitly close CMap files opened during CMap-CIDFont font enumeration.
On certain systems file handles were used up before GC freed inaccessible
handles causing PostScript errors. Bug 689594.


2008-01-18T06:17:02.734368Z Alex Cherepanov

Add redefinition of setpagedevice to ps2epsi utility to support PS files
that call setpagedevice. Bug 689650.

[lib/ps2epsi lib/ lib/ps2epsi.cmd lib/ps2epsi.bat]

2008-01-17T13:50:43.754302Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 6.


2008-01-17T13:47:11.707889Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (visual trace) : Add a single pixels painting operation.

[src/vdtrace.h src/vdtrace.c src/dwtrace.c]

2008-01-17T13:37:19.476394Z Igor Melichev

Fix : Cygwin/gcc warnings.

[src/gdevcgm.c src/int.mak src/gstrans.c src/gdevpdfe.c src/gdevbit.c src/devs.mak src/gxclread.c src/gscdevn.c src/gscie.c src/gxclutil.c src/lib.mak src/gdevp2up.c src/gxclmem.c src/gdevdflt.c src/gdevpdtd.c src/gxcomp.h src/gsovrc.c src/gdevprn.c src/gscsepr.c src/genarch.c src/ztoken.c src/gdevp14.c]

2008-01-17T03:16:02.921192Z Alex Cherepanov

Comment-only change: remove obsolete reference to MS-DOS limitations and 
mention that PDF interpreter passes un-escaped font names to PS level.
Bug 689651.


2008-01-17T03:12:45.266699Z Alex Cherepanov

Remove the warning about non-embedded TrueType fonts in PDF files because it
confuses users but seems to have little effect on the main producer of
non-conforming files.

[lib/ lib/]

2008-01-16T23:35:48.055065Z Ralph Giles

Unbreak the build.


2008-01-16T22:55:42.290132Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 5.

[src/lib.mak src/zdict.c src/gdevdflt.c src/gdevp14.h src/gstrans.c src/gsalphac.c src/gxcomp.h src/gsovrc.c src/gstparam.h src/gstrans.h src/gxclrast.c src/gsovrc.h src/gdevp14.c]

2008-01-09T00:36:30.938192Z Marcos Woehrmann

Fixed umlauts (maybe, am having trouble testing the results).


2008-01-09T00:24:50.313955Z Marcos Woehrmann

Corrected man page (thanks to Peter Dyballa).


2008-01-09T00:00:59.719986Z Alex Cherepanov

Add unmodified byte-oriented AES encryption code by Brian Gladman. These
files serve as a reference point. They are not yet included into any
project nor can be compiled by some of the compilers we support.

[src/aes.h src/aes.c]

2008-01-07T20:58:40.018332Z Ralph Giles

Remove the obsolete gconfigv.h.

[src/lib.mak toolbin/msvcxml.bat src/openvms.mak src/unix-end.mak src/gs.mak src/std.h src/gscdefs.h src/macos-mcp.mak src/openvms.mmk src/os2.mak src/wctail.mak src/winlib.mak]

2008-01-07T20:58:36.882379Z Ralph Giles

Remove EXTEND_NAMES from the top level makefiles.

There is a fallback to the default value of 0 in inameidx.h so there
is no change in the default behaviour. The extended name table can
still be activated by defining EXTEND_NAMES on the compiler command
line or changing the source directly.

[toolbin/msvcxml.bat src/openvms.mak src/unix-end.mak src/gs.mak doc/Use.htm src/int.mak src/macosx.mak src/ src/inameidx.h src/unix-gcc.mak src/macos-mcp.mak src/openvms.mmk src/os2.mak src/wctail.mak src/winlib.mak]

2008-01-07T18:43:02.811990Z Henry Stiles

Deprecate USE_FPU, no changes expected.

[src/gxchar.c src/openvms.mak src/unix-end.mak src/gsjmorec.h src/macosx.mak src/dvx-gcc.mak src/gxfarith.h src/msvccmd.mak src/siscale.c src/unixansi.mak src/gsmisc.c src/msvclib.mak src/gsfemu.c src/os2.mak src/openvms.mmk src/lib.mak src/bcwin32.mak src/ugcclib.mak src/gscie.h src/ src/unix-gcc.mak src/gxfixed.h src/msvc32.mak src/macos-mcp.mak src/wccommon.mak src/wctail.mak src/winlib.mak src/watclib.mak]

2008-01-02T23:58:44.056429Z Alex Cherepanov

Re-export runpdfbegin, dopdfpages, and runpdfend procedures, which turned out
to be used by 3rd party programs. Partly revert the rev. 8325.


2008-01-02T13:10:59.547816Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (pdfwrite): Tidy up after the prior patch, 
algorithmically this is the same as before.

[src/gdevpdtb.c src/gdevpdtd.c src/gdevpdtf.c src/gdevpdtb.h src/gdevpdtf.h]

2008-01-01T20:44:52.186969Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't ignore xref stream in a hybrid  "classic xref" + "stream xref" file
as PDF 1.5-compatible should do. Thanks to SaGS for the patch. Bug 688282.


2008-01-01T14:28:30.927323Z Alex Cherepanov

Replace clearly invalid generation numbers out of 0..65535 range with 0 during
rebuilding of xref table. Bug 689634.


2008-01-01T01:30:52.687921Z Ralph Giles (details)

Remove the SYSTEM_CONSTANTS_ARE_WRITABLE compile-time define.

[toolbin/msvcxml.bat src/openvms.mak src/unix-end.mak src/gs.mak src/gscdefs.h src/openvms.mmk src/os2.mak src/wctail.mak src/winlib.mak src/gscdef.c]

2007-12-31T22:46:50.849681Z Alex Cherepanov

Add a flag that marks PDF text rendering mode 3 to avoid confusion with other
non-rendering text operations such as stringwidth. This avoids unnecessary 
calculation of the current point, which fails when the CTM is singular. This
patch continues conservative approach to the text rendering modes started in
rev. 4006. Bug 689614, customer 384.

[src/gxchar.c src/gstext.c src/gstext.h]

2007-12-31T19:06:52.216061Z Ray Johnston (details)

Correct polarity of the stochastic threshold array so that the images are
not too dark.


2007-12-31T18:07:59.109475Z Ralph Giles (details)

Remove the USE_ASM build flag.

[src/unix-end.mak src/openvms.mak src/watcw32.mak src/gdevpcfb.c doc/Develop.htm src/msvccmd.mak src/iutilasm.asm src/gsmisc.c src/msvclib.mak src/dvx-head.mak src/devs.mak src/os2.mak src/openvms.mmk src/unixhead.mak src/lib.mak src/bcwin32.mak src/winint.mak src/gdevegaa.asm src/msvc32.mak src/gdevsvga.c src/gsutil.c src/wccommon.mak src/wctail.mak src/winlib.mak]

2007-12-31T06:10:33.027699Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't try to obtain the bounding box of a glyph when FontBBox is invalid and
CTM is singular. Set an empty box and consider it valid. The bounding box is
not used when the CTM is singular. Bug 689614, customer 384.


2007-12-29T02:53:21.940078Z Ralph Giles (details)

Remove the ARCH_CAN_SHIFT_FULL_LONG define and its derivatives. Bug 689611.

[src/std.h src/gxshade.c src/gxbitops.h src/genarch.c]

2007-12-27T22:28:36.610626Z Ralph Giles

Add -Wundef to the autoconf build.

There have been a number of problems related to missing defines lately.


2007-12-22T19:13:20.335131Z Ralph Giles

Correction to the refcount documentation.

Our allocator can't double free, but attempting to trace a freed pointer
can confuse things, possibly resulting in a segfault or other


2007-12-22T02:05:40.922995Z Ralph Giles

Also remove gdevcmap from the documentation.


2007-12-22T02:05:36.008019Z Ralph Giles

Include gconfigv.h in std.h so defines like USE_FPU are more
consistently defined.

[src/lib.mak src/gscie.h src/std.h src/gdevpcfb.c src/gxfarith.h src/siscale.c src/gsmisc.c src/gdevsvga.c src/devs.mak src/sidscale.c src/gxpcopy.c]

2007-12-22T00:19:36.075695Z Ralph Giles

Document the behaviour of the reference count macros.


2007-12-22T00:10:05.865239Z Ralph Giles

Remove the unused cmap device.

[src/lib.mak src/ugcclib.mak src/gslib.c src/gdevcmap.c src/gdevcmap.h]

2007-12-21T19:58:19.459173Z Ralph Giles

Further update the graphics library unit test and build. The gslib test 
executable builds and works now.

[src/ugcclib.mak src/gslib.c]

2007-12-21T19:56:07.995361Z Ralph Giles

Construct in the graphics library's gen directory instead of 
the ps interpreter's so building just the library is possible.


2007-12-21T10:31:00.226023Z Ken Sharp

Fix (jbig2dec): The global data stream for a JBIG2 image in a PDF
file was being released, and the data freed by the garbage collector,
before the data was used.

Details: Bug #689568 and #689569. Uses the patch supplied by Alex
in thread for #689569, implements Ralph's comments about the structure 
naming. Does not attempt to change the memory allocator. This slightly
modified patch also works with the Luratech decoder.

sjbig2.h, sjbig2_luratech.h; make the global data structure 
s_jbig2_global_data_t public. Store the structure in the 
stream decoder state.

sjbig2.c, sjbig2_luratech.c; store a pointer to the global
data structure. 

sjbig2_luratech.c; don't reset the pointer during initialisation!

zfjbig2.c; Pass the global pointer to the stream decoder for
release in the finalize routine.

[src/sjbig2_luratech.h src/zfjbig2.c src/sjbig2.c src/sjbig2.h src/sjbig2_luratech.c]

2007-12-21T00:15:53.911110Z Ralph Giles

Remove some old helper scripts.

They aren't used much and we no longer wish to maintain them.

[toolbin/many2pdf.tcl toolbin/pre toolbin/gssubst toolbin/gsindent]

2007-12-21T00:11:54.376327Z Ralph Giles

Make pre.tcl more robust in creating temporary files.

Also update the copyright header and fix a bug in an error handler.


2007-12-19T06:25:41.308572Z Alex Cherepanov

Ignore operator readonly when it is applied to a wrong type inside an
embedded Type 1 font. Bug 689617, customer 580.


2007-12-19T06:22:22.816836Z Alex Cherepanov

Treat the text after empty ASCII block in PFB stream as ASCII sub-stream
terminated by 0x80 character, a presumed header of the next block.
Bug 689617, customer 580.


2007-12-19T00:25:08.107768Z Ralph Giles

Update the graphics library unit tests for recent code changes.


2007-12-18T10:03:07.564012Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (pdfwrite): Font Descriptors for fonts not embedded, due to
EmbedAllFonts=false, did not preserve the original font name.


2007-12-18T10:02:09.815887Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (pdfwrite): PDFXTrimBoxToMediaBoxOffset used the supplied data


2007-12-18T03:40:36.305448Z Ralph Giles (details)

Remove the unused composite_rop device.

[src/lib.mak src/gsropc.c src/gsropc.h doc/Develop.htm src/gxropc.h]

2007-12-17T21:33:35.320044Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (transparency) : Providing a right nested masks logic (continued).


2007-12-17T07:28:22.397599Z Alex Cherepanov

Improve outline pdfmarks produced by the pdf interpreter. Add page number and view
values. Thanks to Leon Bottou for the patch. Bug 689599.


2007-12-16T15:38:09.417159Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Improving debug trace about compositors.


2007-12-16T01:37:56.744199Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't skip space characters after eexec in embedded PDF fonts but
continue to do so in other cases. Bug 689615.

[src/seexec.c src/sfilter.h lib/ src/zmisc1.c doc/Language.htm]

2007-12-14T19:51:01.706015Z Alex Cherepanov

Work around a GCC 4.2.1 bug on PowerPC that generates incorrect code in the
release build affecting scanning of binary tokens containing floating point
numbers. Bug 689586.


2007-12-14T18:40:31.738291Z Marcos Woehrmann

Added casts to sprintf debugging statements (thanks for Michael Rutter for finding these).


2007-12-14T18:31:39.938693Z Alex Cherepanov

Align the pointer to gx_clist_state array in gx_device_clist_writer device to
the natural boundary to avoid misaligned memory access and bus errors on ARM
processors. Bug 689600.


2007-12-12T20:29:44.002303Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (transparency) : Providing a right nested masks logic.

[src/gdevp14.h src/gdevp14.c]

2007-12-12T19:58:31.269810Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (transparency) : Unwinding the nested masks logic.

[src/gdevp14.h src/gdevp14.c]

2007-12-12T19:00:44.753250Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 4.

[src/gsropc.c src/gsalphac.c src/gxcomp.h src/gsovrc.c src/gdevp14.c]

2007-12-11T23:47:18.340705Z Ray Johnston (details)

Fix for SEGV when more than 4 colorants used with psdcmyk device.
Bug 689457 for customer #460.


2007-12-11T21:27:02.763129Z Ralph Giles (details)

Store the posix persistent cache's last modified line as an unsigned 
long to avoid portability problems when reading and writing. Bug 689604.


2007-12-11T16:54:05.187153Z Marcos Woehrmann

Replaced C++ comments with C comments (// -> /* */).

[imdi/imdi.c imdi/imdi_tab.c imdi/imdi_gen.c imdi/cctiff.c]

2007-12-11T08:29:58.454613Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (jbig2dec): Missing support for decoding multiple symbols
from a symbol dictionary, when using refinement/aggregation.


2007-12-10T22:11:05.461373Z Tor Andersson

Update to previous commit. Add pdf14_buffer maskbuf pointer to GC structures.


2007-12-10T20:27:11.787298Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix a compilation error on Tru64's native cc, which doesn't tolerate spaces
between -I and the directory. Thanks to M. Rutter for the patch. Bug 689602


2007-12-10T16:13:26.551663Z Tor Andersson

Pick up the transparency mask buffer when a new transparency group is pushed rather than when it is popped. Solves memory leaks and incorrect rendering when transparency groups are nested.

[src/gdevp14.h src/gdevp14.c]

2007-12-10T09:45:03.624134Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (jbig2dec): Missing support for decoding multiple symbols
from a symbol dictionary, when using refinement/aggregation.

[jbig2dec/jbig2_text.c src/jbig2.mak jbig2dec/jbig2_symbol_dict.c jbig2dec/jbig2_text.h]

2007-12-09T06:33:00.168945Z Alex Cherepanov (details)

Use a smaller buffer for eexecDecode filter to avoid consumption of the data
that follow a short (and incorrect) run of 0's in PS files generated by
Adobe Acrobat from PDF files with usage restrictions. Bug 689577


2007-12-08T13:57:53.015953Z Ken Sharp

Update the MSVC makefile to work with Visual Studio 2005 (nmake version 8). 
Should still be OK with MSVC 6.


2007-12-07T23:39:06.271814Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 3.

[src/lib.mak src/gsropc.c src/gdevdflt.c src/gxclpath.h src/gxcldev.h src/gsalphac.c src/gxcomp.h src/gsovrc.c src/gstrans.h src/gxclrast.c src/gdevp14.c src/gxclpath.c src/gxclimag.c src/gxclutil.c]

2007-12-05T23:39:42.529355Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 2.

[src/gxcomp.h src/gxclrast.c]

2007-12-05T16:40:41.424504Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 1.


2007-12-05T00:08:50.583846Z Till Kamppeter

Let CUPS filters use buffered input to Ghostscript via '-_', to work around bug #689577. 

[cups/ cups/]

2007-12-03T21:31:16.528843Z Henry Stiles

Replace the "tricky" unit_frac macro with a normal function call.  The
macro produced a false positive in valgrind and seems to cause
incorrect code generation on gcc 4.1.2 with optimization but we did
not study it in detail.  The change should be equivalent to the
previous code, reviewed by Ralph Giles.

[src/gxcmap.c src/gxcmap.h src/gscsepr.c src/gscdevn.c]

2007-12-03T20:07:05.165284Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (shadings) : Optimize fill_linear_color_scanline with analitic computation of the color change position.


2007-11-30T22:13:49.581001Z L. Peter Deutsch

Add a tool that analyzes logs produced by gs -Z67, producing a report of
memory leaks.


2007-11-30T06:43:47.688763Z L. Peter Deutsch

Adds the base font address to the -Zm tracing output.


2007-11-30T06:43:12.449891Z L. Peter Deutsch

Fixes bug: -Z89 produced slightly mangled output (-Z9 output inserted in the
middle of a line of -Z8 output).


2007-11-30T00:45:53.632689Z Ray Johnston

Add URW fonts to the Resource/Font directory. These will be included when
COMPILE_INITS=1. Fontmap.GS still references the disk file name so that
the disk file based fonts can still be used if they are available.

[Resource/Font/URWPalladioL-BoldItal Resource/Font/NimbusRomNo9L-Medi Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-Bold Resource/Font/Dingbats Resource/Font/URWChanceryL-MediItal Resource/Font/CenturySchL-Roma Resource/Font Resource/Font/NimbusMonL-Bold Resource/Font/URWGothicL-Demi Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-BoldItal Resource/Font/NimbusRomNo9L-MediItal Resource/Font/StandardSymL Resource/Font/URWBookmanL-DemiBold Resource/Font/NimbusRomNo9L-Regu Resource/Font/URWGothicL-Book Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-ReguCond Resource/Font/CenturySchL-Bold Resource/Font/URWBookmanL-Ligh Resource/Font/NimbusRomNo9L-ReguItal Resource/Font/URWBookmanL-DemiBoldItal Resource/Font/NimbusMonL-ReguObli Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-ReguCondItal Resource/Font/CenturySchL-Ital Resource/Font/URWPalladioL-Roma Resource/Font/CenturySchL-BoldItal Resource/Font/URWBookmanL-LighItal Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-BoldCond Resource/Font/NimbusMonL-BoldObli Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal Resource/Font/URWGothicL-DemiObli Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-Regu Resource/Font/URWPalladioL-Bold Resource/Font/NimbusMonL-Regu Resource/Font/URWGothicL-BookObli Resource/Font/NimbusSanL-ReguItal Resource/Font/URWPalladioL-Ital]

2007-11-29T21:39:53.584646Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (shadings) : Optimize path manipulations for shading fill (continued).

[src/gdevp14.c src/gxclpath.c src/gxclrect.c]

2007-11-29T01:42:16.432740Z L. Peter Deutsch

Remove obsolete variables dstderr and estderr; repair tracing code in
igcstr.c that would cause a crash if -Z5 was used.

[src/interp.c src/gdebug.h src/igcstr.c]

2007-11-28T20:04:34.791598Z Ray Johnston (details)

Add the 'pamcmyk32' (previously the 'pam' device) to all default builds.
This will be used for regression testing of 32-bit CMYK.

[src/bcwin32.mak src/openvms.mak src/ugcclib.mak src/macosx.mak src/watcw32.mak src/dvx-gcc.mak src/msvc32.mak src/unix-gcc.mak src/gdevpbm.c src/unixansi.mak src/macos-mcp.mak src/devs.mak src/os2.mak]

2007-11-28T19:47:48.435055Z Ralph Giles

Document the jasper build file version skew menioned in Bug 689570.


2007-11-28T18:46:55.924792Z Ray Johnston

Fix #defines when USE_COMPRESSED_ENCODING == 0 so that the number of
components, separable/linear and encode/decode values are correct.
Also add checking for TIFF file larger than max_long.


2007-11-28T18:39:59.435918Z Ray Johnston (details)

Fix CIEBasedA problem, add DeviceGray and DeviceRGB support to this utility.


2007-11-27T22:58:40.032075Z Ralph Giles

Also install gdevdsp.h in the unix so build. This header contains the
callback definitions for the "display" device. Bug 689576.


2007-11-27T20:43:09.836338Z Ralph Giles

Update the regression code license headers with the current contact

[toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/make_two_pdfversions toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/revert_pdfbaseline toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/revert_baseline toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/update_specific toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/make_two_versions toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/]

2007-11-27T20:43:07.921159Z Ralph Giles

Change the regression scripts to rewrite the product as
"GPL Ghostscript".

[toolbin/tests/ toolbin/tests/update_specific]

2007-11-27T18:11:10.542532Z Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (graphics) : Improving the setoverprint logic.


2007-11-23T09:23:06.243419Z Ken Sharp (details)

Fix (pdfwrite): Fonts containing glyphs with no sbw or hsbw
instruction caused pdfwrite to crash.

[src/gxtype1.c src/gdevpsfu.c]

2007-11-22T02:46:59.719550Z Ralph Giles

Correct Id line and double-include protection warnings.

[src/ConvertUTF.h toolbin/tests/ src/expat.mak]

2007-11-22T01:03:46.485805Z Ralph Giles

Update the run_nightly regression script to rewrite the product
name to GPL Ghostscript instead of AFPL Ghostscript. Also, include
quotation marks in the optional part of the regex so we work when
GS_PRODUCT is set to another macro and does not include a literal
string, as it does at release time.


2007-11-22T00:54:03.544607Z Ralph Giles

Correct a format string error in the PDF 1.4 spot color name generation.


2007-11-22T00:54:01.468513Z Ralph Giles

Update release procedure documentation.


2007-11-21T22:42:03.178745Z Ralph Giles

Bump the version number and date after the 8.61 release.

[doc/News.htm lib/ src/gscdef.c src/version.mak]

2007-11-21T20:07:08.596302Z Ralph Giles

Update changelogs and release date for the second 8.61 candidate.

[doc/History7.htm doc/Projects.htm doc/History8.htm man/dvipdf.1 man/ps2ascii.1 doc/Use.htm doc/Readme.htm doc/Source.htm doc/Deprecated.htm man/ps2epsi.1 doc/Install.htm doc/Changes.htm doc/API.htm doc/Issues.htm doc/DLL.htm doc/Drivers.htm man/pfbtopfa.1 doc/Release.htm doc/Commprod.htm doc/Xfonts.htm doc/Devices.htm doc/Language.htm man/gs.1 src/version.mak man/pf2afm.1 doc/Ps2ps2.htm doc/Fonts.htm man/printafm.1 doc/Ps2pdf.htm doc/Develop.htm doc/Helpers.htm man/pdf2dsc.1 doc/Psfiles.htm doc/Lib.htm doc/gs-vms.hlp doc/Htmstyle.htm man/font2c.1 man/gsnd.1 man/pdfopt.1 doc/News.htm man/pdf2ps.1 man/ps2pdf.1 doc/Testing.htm doc/Make.htm doc/Details8.htm doc/Unix-lpr.htm doc/C-style.htm doc/Ps-style.htm doc/History1.htm doc/History2.htm man/gslp.1 man/wftopfa.1 doc/History3.htm doc/Details.htm doc/Ps2epsi.htm doc/History4.htm man/ps2pdfwr.1 man/ps2ps.1 doc/History5.htm doc/History6.htm]