Creating files with Edit

Searching for and replacing text

To search for text, click on the Find button in the toolbar or select Find from the Search menu. Enter the text in the ``Search For'' field.

Choose from these search options:

Case Sensitive Search
specifies text matches exactly, including upper- and lowercase (for example, ``Main'' would not match ``main'').

Whole Word Search
specifies matching words must stand alone (for example, ``hand'' would not match ``handy'').

Do Not Wrap Search
specifies that after the search reaches the end of the file, it does not return to the top of the file and continue the search.

To replace text, select Replace from the Search menu. Enter the text you want replaced in the ``Search For'' field. Enter the new text in the ``Replace With'' field.

In addition to the search options described above, you can select one of these replace options:

Interactive Replace
prompts you before each replacement.

Global Replace
automatically changes all occurrences of the search text.

To start the search or replace operation, click on OK.

You can also search within a file for a specific line number. Select the Go to Line menu item from the Search menu. Enter the line number in the ``Go To'' field.

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