UNIX directories and special device files

The /dev directory

The /dev directory contains special device files that control access to peripheral devices.

There are several subdirectories to the /dev directory. Each of these subdirectories holds special device files related to a certain type of device. For example, the /dev/dsk directory contains device files for floppy and hard disks. The operating system supports both XENIX and UNIX system device naming conventions. Where appropriate, the files in the /dev/dsk directories are linked to the device files that exist in /dev. You can access the same device through the file in /dev or the file for the same device in a subdirectory of /dev.

Commonly-used /dev device nodes

UNIX device XENIX device Name
/dev/console - system console
/dev/rdsk/* /dev/r* raw devices
/dev/dsk/0s0 /dev/hd00 entire disk on drive 0
/dev/dsk/0s1 /dev/hd01 first disk partition on drive 0
/dev/dsk/0s2 /dev/hd02 second disk partition on drive 0
/dev/dsk/1s0 /dev/hd10 entire disk on drive 1
/dev/dsk/1s1 /dev/hd11 first disk partition on drive 1
/dev/dsk/1s2 /dev/hd12 second disk partition on drive 1
/dev/dsk/f05d9 /dev/fd048ds9 360K floppy drive 0
/dev/dsk/f05q /dev/fd096ds9 720K floppy drive 0
/dev/dsk/f05h /dev/fd096ds15 1.2MB floppy drive 0
/dev/dsk/f03h /dev/fd0135ds18 1.44MB floppy drive 0
/dev/lp - lineprinter
/dev/kmem - kernel virtual memory
/dev/mem - physical memory
/dev/null - null device
/dev/rmt0 /dev/rct0 default cartridge tape device
- /dev/rft0 QIC-40 tape device
- /dev/rctmini minicartridge tape device
/dev/root - root file structure
/dev/swap - swap area
/dev/ptypnn - pseudo-tty (master)
/dev/ttypnn - pseudo-tty (slave)
/dev/ttynn - console multiscreen
/dev/tty1a - main serial line
/dev/tty2a - alternate serial line
/dev/tty1A - main serial line (modem control)
/dev/tty2A - alternate serial line (modem control)

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