Administering filesystems

Remote administration problem

If you are performing remote administration, the remote system may be unreachable or there may be a configuration problem (including the lack of user equivalence):

localhost failed to connect to remote host... Error with server process: Permission denied.
These messages (and suggested solutions) are displayed when an Open Host operation fails. Check to make certain you have user equivalency on the remote host. See ``Adding user equivalence'' for more information.

mount: host:/filesystem server not responding: RPC: Program not registered
The filesystem could not be mounted. Check to see if NFS is running on the remote host.

mount: access denied for host:/filesystem
The host is not available or the filesystem has not been exported.

mount: host not in hosts database
The remote host is not listed in /etc/hosts or is no longer recognized by the nameserver. Check that the nameserver is running.

umount: /filesystem not mounted: Invalid argument
The filesystem is not currently mounted and the manager is attempting to mount it. Cancel the action and try again.

Error while [un]mounting filesystem
The remote filesystem is no longer available. Check the remote host and see if the network is up and running and that the filesystem is exported.
For more information on network problems, see ``Troubleshooting TCP/IP''.
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