Before installing

Installing and configuring hardware devices

Installing and configuring hardware consists of physically installing hardware controllers, running hardware setup programs, and configuring software controllers to support the new devices.

After the hardware is physically installed and configured, you are ready to install SCO OpenServer. Software controllers for most hardware devices are configured automatically by the installation.

If your system experiences installation difficulties because of hardware problems, such as conflicting IRQs or drivers recognizing hardware incorrectly, you can manually configure drivers by running the Device Configuration Utility (DCU) from within the SCO OpenServer installation. See ``Installing and configuring hardware'' for more information.

Hard disk detection

By default, SCO OpenServer is installed on the primary hard disk found for the primary Host Bus Adapter (HBA). Note that the installation also gives you the option of selecting a different hard disk for installation, if desired.

NOTE: SCO OpenServer cannot install on a device that is not detected. Be sure to review the device information presented on the installation screens, so that you do not inadvertently install SCO OpenServer on a secondary disk because the primary disk is not found. If a secondary disk is not present and the primary disk is not detected, the installation warns that it cannot proceed.

The rules for determining which hard disk is the primary drive are:

You must be familiar with your system's physical configuration before you begin the installation. When the hardware diagnostics are run as the system first powers up, check the console messages for recognition of your devices. If you do not see what you expect, check the system BIOS setting to make sure there are no conflicts. Check power and bus cables to make sure they are well attached.

Once the SCO OpenServer HBA autodetection is complete during the installation process, you can use <Alt><SysReq>h to switch from the installation screen to the system console (VT0) to see diagnostic messages for devices that successfully load. HBA and disk information may be present on the screen. Use <Alt><SysReq><F1> to switch back to the virtual terminal running the installation.

When configuring disk setup, verify the disk sizes being reported on the screen as well as the device names being presented. Device names contain the information about the controller and target ID for the disk to which it refers.

Supported Host Bus Adapters (HBA)

SCO OpenServer Release 6 supports the following Host Bus Adapter (HBA) drivers.

NOTE: A subset of these drivers, as represented in this table, are included in the CD boot image and thus available for automatic detection when the installation begins.

If your system requires one of the other supported HBAs, you will need to extract it from the SCO OpenServer installation CD or from a separate disk containing the necessary updated or third-party driver(s). You can extract HBAs from any of these sources as part of the installation process.

SCO OpenServer Release 6 Host Bus Adapter (HBA) drivers

Driver Supported Models Available from
CD Boot Image
aacraid Adaptec SCSI RAID 2120S/2200S/2130S/2230S and Serial ATA RAID 2410SA/2810SA/21610SA HBAs X
adpu320 Adaptec Ultra320 Family PCI SCSI HBAs X
adsa Adaptec AHA-274x/AIC-7770 EISA SCSI HBAs
adsb Adaptec AIC-789x/AHA-294xU2x/295xU2x/AHA-395xU2x 7800 Family PCI Ultra 2 SCSI HBAs X
adsc Adaptec AHA-154x/AHA-164x/AHA-174x SCSI HBAs  
adse Adaptec AHA-174x EISA SCSI HBAs  
adsl Adaptec AIC-7560/AIC-78xx/AHA-29xx/AHA-39xx/AHA-49xx 7800 Family PCI SCSI HBAs X
adss Adaptec AHA-15x0 6X60 SCSI HBAs  
adst70 Adaptec AIC-789xA/AHA-29160/39160 Ultra160 Family PCI SCSI IHV HBAs X
ahci AHCI v1.0-compliant SATA HBAs, including controllers based on Intel ICH6M, ICH6R, ICH7M, and ICH7R chipsets. X
blc BusLogic SCSI HBAs  
c8xx LSI Logic/Symbios 53c8xx/53c1010/53c1510 PCI SCSI HBAs X
ciss Compaq Smart Array 5300/5i/532 HBAs X
cpqsc Compaq Wide-Ultra SCSI HBAs X
dak DAC 960, eXtremeRAID, and AcceleRAID SCSI HBAs  
dpt DPT 2011/2012/2021/2022/2122/2322 SCSI HBAs  
flashpt BusLogic FlashPoint PCI SCSI HBAs  
hpsas HP Smart Array P600 HBA X
i2oOSM Intel I2O Block Storage and SCSI OSM HBAs X
ida Compaq SMART Array Controller HBAs X
ide Generic IDE/ATAPI HBAs X
iir Intel Integrated RAID (IIR) HBAs X
mpt LSI Logic PCI to SCSI and Fibre Channel HBAs X
qlc1020 QLogic QLA10xx PCI SCSI HBAs  
qlc12160 QLogic QLA12160 PCI SCSI HBAs  
qlc1280 QLogic QLA1280 PCI SCSI HBAs  
qlc2100 QLogic QLA2100 PCI Fibre Channel HBAs  
qlc2200 QLogic QLC2200 Fibre Channel IHV HBAs X
qlc2300 QLogic QLC2300 Fibre Channel IHV HBAs X
rstmp EMC Symmetrix Disk Restamp Driver for EMC Symmetrix RAID storage systems X

Installation boot devices

One of the following installation media devices is required:

Note the following about SCO OpenServer bootable CD-ROM support:

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