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SCO OpenServer product editions

There are two SCO OpenServer Release 6 product editions available:

Enterprise Edition
An advanced operating environment optimized for departmental database and application servers typically used by medium- to large-sized businesses. For departmental servers in medium or large organizations to run applications and reliably share business critical information with a wide range of client devices.

The Enterprise Edition is licensed for 4 CPUs, 10 users, and 4GB of memory. There are no restrictions on licensing additional users, CPUs, and/or memory.

Starter Edition
Suitable for small business customers or as a file-and-print or edge-of-network server in large accounts.

The default configuration is 1 CPU, 2 users, and 1GB of memory. You can add additional users for this edition through a special 5-user bump pack (normal bumps do not work). Additional memory and CPU licenses can be added. Upgradeable to the Enterprise edition.

This table provides an overview of the differences between the two available editions:

Enterprise Edition Starter Edition
Users 10 2
Memory 4GB 1GB
CPUs 4 1
Restrictions None Special 5-user bumps required

Customers retain the ability to create custom-built configurations by using the Starter Edition as the starting point and then adding other components separately. Likewise, custom-configurations can be created using the Enterprise Edition and licensing additional users, CPUs, memory, and/or products.

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