Installing, configuring, and packaging SVR5 drivers

Setting up the Driver Software Package (DSP)

The Driver Software Package (DSP) consists of a set of files located under the driver's private directory in the handoff directory. idinstall installs these files in the linkkit hierarchy (typically /etc/conf). For examples of these files, see the sample code in HDK code samples.

The head of the directory hierarchy should be named to match the ``drvname'' field in the Master(DSP/4dsp) and System(DSP/4dsp) files. This main directory should include:

driver source code(s)
These may be named anything meaningful. The cc compiler expects all C language source files to have a .c suffix, and any assembly language source files to have a .s suffix, but no other naming conventions are enforced.

driver header file(s)
Driver-specific header files must have a .h suffix but no other naming conventions are enforced.

driver .mk file
puts the Driver.o file in the <driver>.cf subdirectory but must be located in the same directory as the source and header files.

A subdirectory to the top-level driver directory contains the actual DSP files. The name of this directory must be the ``drvname'' value with a .cf suffix. So, if ``drvname'' is mydriv, this subdirectory is named It must contain the following files:

Additional files may be required for specialized interfaces. For example, MDI drivers also need a bcfg(DSP/4dsp) file and HBA drivers also need a disk.cfg(DSP/4dsp) file.

See the idinstall manual page for information about other configuration data.

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