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PC Card interface (PCMCIA)

The PC Card interface is an industry-standard hardware specification for peripheral device support for laptop computers. It is published by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA); for details about the standards organization and their specification, see their web site.

SCO has acquired the PC Card interface technology from LynnSoft, Inc. During the summer of 1998, an unsupported TLS that provides support for a standard set of PC Card peripherals is available for SCO OpenServer 5 systems.

UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 provides full support for 16-bit PC Card devices, including a driver interface. Similar support is under development for SCO OpenServer 5 systems.

PC Card version support

O/S release Supported versions
SCO OpenServer 5 Release 5.0.0 pccard: 1 (Not yet released)
SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.4 pccard: 1 (Not yet released)
SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.5 pccard: 1 (Not yet released)
UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 pccard: 2
UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 w/CardBus pccard: 2.1
Future SVR5 pccard: 3 (Not yet released)

Note that the documentation covers the PC Card version 3 interface, which is not currently supported for any SCO operating system platforms. This includes functions that are defined as part of the standard specification but have not yet been tested. Customers may use these functions but SCO does not guarantee that they will work.

Each PC Card driver must include a #define line for the interface version being used before its #include lines. At this time, the line is one of the following:

   #define _PCCARD 20
   #define _PCCARD 21

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