Managing mail with MMDF

How to start a Mail manager
    Problems with SCOadmin Mail Managers

Running the MMDF Configuration Manager
    MMDF configuration information
        Specifying the host name
        Specifying networks to use with MMDF
        Specifying format for mail user addresses
        Selecting name server lookup method
        Specifying where to forward mail for unknown hosts or users
        Specifying the location of user mailboxes
        Specifying the postmaster address
        Redirecting mail for root or mmdf
        Specifying full domain names for UUCP and Micnet hosts
        Allowing mail replies between an MMDF and non-MMDF system through Micnet
    Unsupported configurations

Testing MMDF configuration
    Checking for MMDF problems
    Testing mail addresses

Adding or removing a mail user
    Adding or removing a user from system-wide aliases
    Redirecting mail to another user
    Removing or moving a retired mailbox

Managing mail hosts
    Adding or removing a mail host
        Specifying address rewriting
        Removing a host
    Changing a remote host name

Managing mail aliases and lists
    Adding or removing a mail alias
        Maintaining alias members in a file
        Removing an alias
        Bypassing aliases
        Specifying public aliases
    Adding or removing an alias member
    Searching an alias or mailing list
        Redirecting and piping mail
    Maintaining mailing lists
    The postmaster address
    Associating users with a home machine

Managing mail channels
    Adding channels
        Specifying channel address parameters
        Specifying channel delivery options
    Removing a channel
    Modifying channel parameters
    Channel configuration strings
        The uucp configuration string
        The smtp configuration string
    Routing mail for unrecognized hosts
    Routing mail for unrecognized users
    About mail channels
    Channel programs

Managing mail domains
    Adding or removing a domain
    Modifying domain parameters
    Domain names
    Registering domain names

Mail addressing and delivery
    Referencing addresses maintained in a file
    Customizing mail delivery
        Changing the deliver interval
        Running multiple deliver processes
        Specifying different time intervals for deliver
        The deliver program
        The submit program
        Specifying uux routing options for UUCP
    Specifying the MMDF ``signature''
    Forwarding mail from one account to another
    Changing the system name

How MMDF works
    Processing incoming mail
    Processing outgoing mail
    How MMDF routes mail
    Searching MMDF domain tables

MMDF configuration files
    Modifying MMDF table parameters
    Domain tables
        Domain table format
        The local.dom table
        The root.dom table
        The uucp.dom table
        Creating other domain tables
        LAN considerations
    Channel tables
        The local.chn table
        The list.chn table
        The uucp.chn table
        The smtp.chn table
    Alias and mailing list tables
        How alias tables are created
        How MMDF uses alias tables
    Assigning Mail IDs
    The mmdftailor file
    Editing MMDF configuration files manually
        Rebuilding the hashed database
    Mail headers
    Mailbox locking

Specifying MMDF authorizations
    Specifying host-based authorization
    Specifying user-based authorization
    Setting routing-based authorization
    Specifying both host and user authorization
    Specifying channel authorization levels
    Changing error logging levels
    Authorization log files
        Authorization message keys
        Single-reason authorization codes
        Two-reason authorization codes

Troubleshooting MMDF
    Failed mail error
    Mail does not work, no returned mail
    Unable to reply to mail from a Micnet host
    Mail command hangs
    Mailbox locking problems
    Undelivered messages in /usr/spool/mmdf/lock/home
    Using name server resource records with MMDF
    Mail-related name server resource records
    MMDF delivers mail twice or not at all
    Smtp cannot establish a remote connection
    UUCP channel delays mail delivery
    Message not deliverable

Example MMDF configurations over TCP/IP
    Setting up MMDF on a TCP/IP network
    Setting up MMDF using a mail gateway
    Setting up MMDF over TCP/IP with a UUCP Internet gateway