Managing printers and print jobs

Adding local printers

A ``local printer'' is a printer attached directly to your system. After physically connecting your printer to your system (see ``Adding printers''), you must add the printer to the list of those that the print service recognizes.

In the Printer Manager:

  1. Select Add Local from the Printer menu.

    NOTE: You can do this remotely using the Open Host selection of the Host menu. This requires user equivalence on the machine you plan to administer, as described in ``Adding user equivalence''. As on the local machine, non-root accounts require the lp authorization to run the Printer Manager. See ``Assigning subsystem authorizations'' for more information.

    To add a new local printer that is similar to an existing local printer, simply copy the configuration from the existing printer and make small changes, instead of starting from scratch. See ``Duplicating a local printer''.

  2. Enter a unique name for the new printer.

  3. Enter a description of the printer (optional).

    Use the ``Description'' field to identify the printer's location, brand name, or the group to which the printer belongs.

  4. Select the printer model name that most closely matches your printer from the ``Model'' list.

    The default model (interface script) is standard. For information on customized printer scripts, see ``Creating printer interface scripts''.

  5. If the default device listed is incorrect, select the device to which the printer is connected from the ``Device'' list. If it does not appear in the list, enter the correct device in the ``Device'' field.

    The same device can be associated with more than one printer. See ``About printer device connections''.

    NOTE: If the device is a serial device that is not set to the default parameters, set the serial parameters. See ``Changing printer names and connections''.

  6. When you complete your choices, click on OK.
The new printer appears in the list in the Printer Manager window and is enabled and configured to accept local jobs by default. Now, you can:

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