Writing a SCOadmin manager

Using the SCOadmin manager template

The SCOadmin Login Session Viewer application is designed to serve as a template for creating a new manager. This example manager is located in /usr/lib/scoadmin/template and contains all the files needed for an example application. The code is fully commented and is an excellent resource for the interface elements documented here. The executable script is named appGUI, and acts as a front end for the who(1) command. It is structured as a series of modules and a makefile. The sample is already built and ready to execute by entering appGUI on the command line or running scoadmin(1M) and selecting Login Session Viewer.

template directory tree

The template also demonstrates the correct ``look and feel'' for SCOadmin managers. See ``User interface style conventions'' for a complete description of the official style.

SCOadmin manager template

NOTE: Code segments from the template are included here for clarity, but we recommend you peruse the template for implementation details. Where possible, the routines and procedures are referenced along with the file (module) name. The text also has direct links to view these files.

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