Administering user accounts

The Account Manager interface
    About default selections

Adding and modifying user accounts
    Using account templates
    Removing or retiring a user account
    Reactivating a retired user account
    Setting and changing user and group IDs (UID/GID)
        Changing ownership of files with an obsolete UID/GID
    Changing user login groups
    Changing a user's group membership
    Changing user login shells
    Login shells
    Restricted shells
    Changing user home directories
    Changing user type
    Changing user priority
    Adding and modifying default environment files

Managing groups
    About groups
    Adding or modifying a group
    Removing a group
    Setting the group ID for file creation in a directory
    Changing the limit on simultaneous group membership

Managing passwords
    Setting or changing a user password
    Controlling password expiration
    Controlling password selection
        Allowing accounts without passwords
        Preventing users from changing their passwords
        Allowing users to generate passwords
        Restricting password obviousness
        Customizing password checking
        Setting password length
    Setting passwords for dial-in lines

Setting login restrictions
    Setting login restrictions on accounts
    Setting login restrictions on terminals
    Locking or unlocking a user account
    Locking or unlocking a terminal

Assigning user powers
    Assigning subsystem authorizations
        Primary authorizations
        Secondary authorizations
    Changing system privileges
        System privileges and authorizations
    Allowing users to skip login messages
    Allowing users to execute superuser commands
    Accessing other accounts with su(C)
        Logging su(C) usage
    Controlling the use of job scheduling commands
        Changing the default permissions for job scheduling
        Changing the job scheduling permissions for a user
        Using environment files for the at or batch commands

Changing the system security profile
    Security profiles

Understanding account database files
    Configuring database precedence and recovery
    Editing the /etc/passwd file
    Configuring the shadow password file

Copying user accounts
    Copying user accounts to non-SCO OpenServer systems
    Copying user accounts from SCO XENIX or non-SCO OpenServer systems
        Password compatibility across UNIX systems

Troubleshooting the Account Manager
    Illegal specification for a user or group attribute
    Remote administration problem
    Missing or corrupted database files