vxconvert - convert current file system to a VERITAS File System


vxconvert [-e] [-f] [-nN] [-s size] [-v] [-yY] special


The vxconvert utility converts a supported file system type to VxFS. During the conversion process, vxconvert requires some amount of disk space to convert existing metadata to that usable by vxfs. This space is either taken from the free space available within the file system, or you may specify that vxconvert use the space available immediately after the end of the file system (-s option). In either case the space must reside within the same device/volume that file system resides on.

special is the character (or raw) disk device.


Estimates the amount of space required to complete the conversion. No data is written to the file system and the file system remains clean. This option implies that the file system is not converted to vxfs.

Display the list of supported file system types.

Assume a no response to all questions asked by vxconvert. This option implies that the conversion is never committed. Hence the file system is not converted to vxfs.

A synonym for -n.

-s size
Specifies the size of available disk space at the end of the file system. The size command-line option is in K bytes. If this option is specified, disk space required by the conversion process is taken only from the specified region and the existing free space of the file system remains intact.

Verbose. Shows the progress of the conversion process as inodes are converted. It displays one of the following characters for every inode converted:

The inode is a directory.
The inode is a symbolic link.
The inode is a block special file.
The inode is a character special file.
The inode is a regular file.
The inode is a fifo.
The inode is a socket.
The inode is unknown.
Assume a yes response to all questions asked by vxconvert. This option implies that the conversion is always committed unless vxconvert fails to allocate the required disk space. If during the conversion any unknown inode types are detected, vxconvert ignores them.

A synonym for -y.

Conversion process

The conversion process consists of the following steps:


All error messages, I/O failure, and exit messages are displayed on standard-error output.


Running vxconvert on the raw device is almost always faster.


fsck(ADM), fsck_vxfs(ADM), fs_vxfs(F)

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