vxrootmir - mirror areas necessary for booting to a new disk


/etc/vx/bin/vxrootmir medianame


The vxrootmir script creates mirrors of volumes required in booting. It creates a mirror for rootvol, swapvol and standvol. It also creates mirrors of usr, var and home if they exist as separate volumes on the boot disk. The mirror is created on the specified disk media device.

The specified disk media device should have enough space to contain the mirror for all the source volumes mentione above, or else it will fail. Also, corresponding slices must be free because it is used to create the partition for root.

All disk partitions for the new volume mirrors are created.

This script is called by the vxmirror command if the root disk is required to be mirrored. It is also called from the vxdiskadm menus through the choice of the mirror volumes on a disk operation.


installboot(ADM), vxdiskadm(ADM), vxintro(ADM), vxmirror(ADM)

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