vxunroot - remove Volume Manager hooks for rootable volumes




The vxunroot script causes the root, swap, usr and var file systems to be converted back into being accessible directly through disk partitions instead of through volume devices. Other changes made to ensure the booting of the system from the root volume are also removed such that the system will boot with no dependency on the Volume Manager.

For vxunroot to work properly, all but one plexes of rootvol, swapvol, usr and var should be removed. The plexes left behind for the above volumes should be the ones created by vxrootmir or the original ones created when the root disk was encapsulated. This will ensure that the underlying subdisks will have equivalent partitions defined for them on the disk. If none of these conditions are met, the vxunroot operation will fail and none of the volumes will be converted to disk partitions.

The unwanted plexes can be removed using either vxedit or vxplex.


vxdiskadm(ADM), vxedit(ADM), vxintro(ADM), vxplex(ADM), vxrootmir(ADM)

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