Dtune -- tunable parameter descriptions for graphical interface


A Dtune file is one of the Installable Driver/Tunable Parameters kernel configuration files. It contains descriptions of tunable parameters. When the Dtune component of a module's Driver Software Package (DSP) is installed, idinstall(ADM) stores the module's Dtune file information in /etc/conf/dtune.d/module-name, where the file module-name is the name of the module being installed. Package scripts should never access /etc/conf/dtune.d files directly; instead use the idinstall(ADM) and idtune(ADM) commands.

For each integer and string tunable parameter in an Mtune file, there is an associated Dtune entry.

Special lines are identified by one or more percent signs (``%'') followed by a space at the start of a line.

Identifies the highest level category of tunable parameters. This heading line is used for the initial display of the System_Tuner available through the UnixWare desktop.

Identifies a sub-category of tunable parameters. Additional %s can be used to create an hierarchy of categories.

Identifies the tunable parameter. This line is followed by one or more lines of text that describe the specific tunable parameter.

This line identifies the text for a category description. The category must match the category on another line that starts with a minimum of two ``%''s.


The following is an example of a Dtune file:
   %% Networking Parameters
   %C Networking Parameters
   There are several categories of Networking Parameters
   including Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP),
   Internet Protocol (IP), and
   Transport Control Protocol (TCP).
   %%% Internet Protocol (IP) Parameters
   Controls whether IP (Internet Protocol) checksumming is enabled.
   By default, IP checksumming is turned on (set to non-zero).
   Except when the underlying hardware
   guarantees correct and uncorrupted delivery of all packets,
   this parameter should remain turned on.
   Controls whether ip will forward packets;
   that is, whether it will act as a gateway.
   This parameter should be turned on (set to non-zero)
   only if the machine is intended to be a gateway.
   Controls whether ip will generate ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)
   redirect messages
   when forwarding packets to a destination
   that the sender should be able to reach directly.
   This should be turned on (set to non-zero)
   only if needed to support diskless workstations,
   or if the machine is acting as a router or gateway.

NOTE: The UnixWare 7 System Tuner currently displays only one level of category.



``Tunable parameters'' in Monitoring and tuning the system
``DSP (Driver Software Package)'' in HDK Technical Reference

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