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 Merging with `patch'
    `patch' takes comparison output produced by `diff' and applies the
 differences to a copy of the original file, producing a patched
 version.  With `patch', you can distribute just the changes to a set of
 files instead of distributing the entire file set; your correspondents
 can apply `patch' to update their copy of the files with your changes.
 `patch' automatically determines the diff format, skips any leading or
 trailing headers, and uses the headers to determine which file to
 patch.  This lets your correspondents feed a mail message containing a
 difference listing directly to `patch'.
    `patch' detects and warns about common problems like forward
 patches.  It saves any patches that it could not apply.  It can also
 maintain a `patchlevel.h' file to ensure that your correspondents apply
 diffs in the proper order.
    `patch' accepts a series of diffs in its standard input, usually
 separated by headers that specify which file to patch.  It applies
 `diff' hunks ( Hunks) one by one.  If a hunk does not exactly
 match the original file, `patch' uses heuristics to try to patch the
 file as well as it can.  If no approximate match can be found, `patch'
 rejects the hunk and skips to the next hunk.  `patch' normally replaces
 each file F with its new version, putting reject hunks (if any) into
     Invoking patch, for detailed information on the options to


* patch Input            Selecting the type of `patch' input.
* Revision Control       Getting files from RCS, SCCS, etc.
* Imperfect              Dealing with imperfect patches.
* Creating and Removing  Creating and removing files with a patch.
* Patching Time Stamps   Updating time stamps on patched files.
* Multiple Patches       Handling multiple patches in a file.
* patch Directories      Changing directory and stripping directories.
* Backups                Whether backup files are made.
* Backup Names           Backup file names.
* Reject Names           Reject file names.
* patch Messages         Messages and questions `patch' can produce.
* patch and POSIX        Conformance to the POSIX standard.
* patch and Tradition    GNU versus traditional `patch'.
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