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 10.2 Creating modules that can be `dlopen'ed
 Libtool modules are like normal libtool libraries with a few exceptions:
    You have to link the module with libtool's `-module' switch, and you
 should link any program that is intended to dlopen the module with
 `-dlopen' so that libtool can dlpreopen the module on
 platforms which don't support dlopening.  If the module depends on any
 other libraries, make sure you specify them either when you link the
 module or when you link programs that dlopen it.  If you want to
 disable  Versioning for a specific module you should link it
 with the `-avoid-version' switch.  Note that libtool modules don't need
 to have a "lib" prefix.  However, automake 1.4 or higher is required to
 build such modules.
    Usually a set of modules provide the same interface, i.e, exports
 the same symbols, so that a program can dlopen them without having to
 know more about their internals.  In order to avoid symbol conflicts
 all exported symbols must be prefixed with "modulename_LTX_"
 (`modulename' is the name of the module).  Internal symbols must be
 named in such a way that they won't conflict with other modules, for
 example, by prefixing them with "_modulename_".  Although some
 platforms support having the same symbols defined more than once it is
 generally not portable and it makes it impossible to dlpreopen such
 modules.  libltdl will automatically cut the prefix off to get the real
 name of the symbol.  Additionally, it supports modules which don't use
 a prefix so that you can also dlopen non-libtool modules.
    `foo1.c' gives an example of a portable libtool module.  Exported
 symbols are prefixed with "foo1_LTX_", internal symbols with "_foo1_".
 Aliases are defined at the beginning so that the code is more readable.
      /* aliases for the exported symbols */
      #define foo	foo1_LTX_foo
      #define bar	foo1_LTX_bar
      /* a global variable definition */
      int bar = 1;
      /* a private function */
      int _foo1_helper() {
        return bar;
      /* an exported function */
      int foo() {
        return _foo1_helper();
 The `' contains the necessary rules to build the module
      lib_LTLIBRARIES =
      foo1_la_SOURCES = foo1.c
      foo1_la_LDFLAGS = -module
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