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 10.3 Using libtldl in a multi threaded environment
 Using the `lt_dlmutex_register()' function, and by providing some
 appropriate callback function definitions, libltdl can be used in a
 multi-threaded environment.
  -- Type: void lt_dlmutex_lock (void)
      This is the type of a function pointer holding the address of a
      function which will be called at the start of parts of the libltdl
      implementation code which require a mutex lock.
      Because libltdl is inherantly recursive, it is important that the
      locking mechanism employed by these callback functions are
      reentrant, or else strange problems will occur.
  -- Type: void lt_dlmutex_unlock (void)
      The type of a matching unlock function.
  -- Type: void lt_dlmutex_seterror (const char *ERROR);
      Many of the functions in the libltdl API have a special return
      value to indicate to the client that an error has occured.
      Normally (in single threaded applications) a string describing
      that error can be retrieved from internal storage with
      A function of this type must be registered with the library in
      order for it to work in a multi-threaded context.  The function
      should store any error message passed in thread local storage.
  -- Type: const char * lt_dlmutex_geterror (void)
      The type of a matching callback function to retrieve the last
      stored error message from thread local storage.
      When regeistered correctly this function will be used by
      `lt_dlerror())' from all threads to retrieve error messages for the
  -- Function: int lt_dlmutex_register (lt_dlmutex_lock *LOCK,
           lt_dlmutex_unlock *UNLOCK, lt_dlmutex_set_error *SETERROR,
           lt_dlmutex_geterror *GETERROR)
      Use this function to register one of each of function ttypes
      described above in preparation for multi-threaded use of libltdl.
      All arguments must be valid non-`NULL' function addresses, or else
      all `NULL' to return to single threaded operation.
Info Catalog ( Modules for libltdl ( Using libltdl ( User defined module data
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