Using DocView

Browsing a DocView server

DocView makes browsing online documentation easy. Just point your favorite web browser at the DocView server on port 8457:


If DocView is enabled for network documentation service, then you can browse the documentation from other machines on the network using this URL:

As you browse, you will notice that across the top of each page is a DocView toolbar. That toolbar is dynamically inserted on each page by the DocView server and provides instant access to the main DocView functions, such as Search and Man Pages.

The DocView home page serves as a starting point for finding information by subject. The list on the left side of the home page gets you started. It points to SCO OpenServer guides and any optional documentation that is installed. There may also be a link to Developer documentation, depending on what packages are installed.

Use the Search function to locate information by keywords (the system administrator must first generate the search index). The full search form provides instructions on how to pose search queries for best results.

Use the Manual Pages form to locate a particular man page. It works in a manner similar to the command line man command. Typing a name in the search field normally looks for an exact match on that man page name. If the name exists in more than one manual page section, you will get a list to choose from. Or you can specify the section name from the select list. If you are not quite sure of the name, then check the Search Descriptions checkbox. That will search man page descriptions for the keyword you specify in the search field. You can also select the Display List of Manpages button, which displays a complete list of man pages installed on the system.

You may notice that some manual pages are displayed as plain formatted text with some hot links. The hotlinks are generated using the man2html utility that looks for text strings of the form name(number), which would normally be a reference to another manual page. However, it does not check to see if such a manual page exists before presenting the link. Therefore, some of those hotlinks will not lead to valid man pages.

If any documentation prepared using the GNU Info system is installed on the system, it is available through DocView as well. DocView uses the info2html utility to display such files. The list of Info files is automatically updated each time you use it, so new documentation should show up there immediately (make sure to clear your browser cache if it doesn't).

Some documentation may be available in languages other than English. Most browsers allow you to set language preferences. If you do that, then the DocView server tries to respond with the best match of translated doc. It also will provide translated links in the top navigational header and in any forms that it generates, if your language list includes one of the supported languages. See the Search form for a list of currently supported languages.

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