Using DocView

Printing topics in DocView

DocView provides a mechanism by which you can pick a topic or group of topics to be printed as a book.

Selecting the Print Book button at the top of the DocView screen opens a copy of the DocView Site Map, from which you can select topics by turning on the check boxes next to the listed topics. At the top of the Print Service screen, select whether you want to generate a PostScript or PDF file. Specify a title for the book, and the heading level to be used in the table of contents.

Select the Submit button to collect the selected topics and format them for printing. The cover and custom table of contents are generated and added to the beginning of the document, and the results are paginated appropriately.

When DocView is finished preparing the file, it displays a screen telling you the size of the file and the number of pages in the document. Select the Proceed with download button to start downloading the file to your browser (this requires appropriate plug-in support in the browswer), or save it to a file on your local system.

The resulting files can be viewed with any PostScript or PDF viewer; this includes xpdf and gs (Ghostscript) on a UNIX system, Adobe Acrobat on Windows, and any PDF-enabled browser. PostScript files can be printed to any SCO OpenServer PostScript printer.

Note that the assembled PDF or PostScript file is limited to about 1.5MB of HTML text, or about 600 pages. If your selections exceed this limit, an error message is displayed. Select your browser's Back button to go back to the Print Service screen and turn off some of your selections.

Also note that the Print Book interface works only with non-multibyte text; multibyte text, such as that found in Asian-language files, can be printed using the browser's Print interface (if the proper language support is installed on your system and in the browser). Display the document either by navigating to it through the DocView menus, or using the DocView Site Map button (which is organized the same as the Print Book interface). Then, print the document using the browser's Print command ( File -> Print in Netscape and Mozilla).

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