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SCO OpenServer documentation

SCO OpenServer systems include comprehensive online documentation, available via the DocView documentation server. To access the online documentation:

Use the /usr/bin/docview command to determine if the server is running, and start it if necessary.

The SCO OpenServer documentation set is organized in collections (or categories) of online topics and manual pages. Notably, the documentation set includes a New Features and Notes topic, which details the new and updated features provided with each release. Also of interest are links to the the following online documentation categories:

Additional documentation is installed with the various optional components and the SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 Development System.

You can perform keyword searches of the entire SCO OpenServer documentation set using the DocView Search function. Note, however, that a search index must first be generated before the Search function will work. See ``Generating the search index'' for more information.

Complete product documentation is available on the SCO OpenServer Documentation web page, at Additional help, including a searchable knowledge database, can be found on the SCO Support web page, at Many useful publications by independent authors are available from technical bookstores.

See also:

The Late News document

The latest news about SCO OpenServer, including issues, notes, and workarounds, are provided in the regularly updated Late News document. It is available on the SCO OpenServer Documentation web page and is free to all customers. See:

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