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SCO Global Services

SCO Global Services provides a wide range of support options, including:

SCO Global Services offer a variety of support services to complement SCO's channel and direct sales efforts. Included among these are partner specific services and end-user options designed for those end users and corporate accounts requiring direct support from the vendor. With over 25 years of experience and strategically located Support Centers, SCO's award-winning Services team possesses knowledge, expertise, and skills enabling it to deliver high quality support to the entire spectrum of our customer base, world-wide.

SCO offers a broad choice of Operating Systems and value-added Software Technologies. SCO Global Services complement these product deliverables with unrivaled services ensuring successful development, integration, roll out, and on-going maintenance of SCO-based solutions. Together, SCO and its partners service over 2 million installed systems.

For more information on SCO Global Service offerings, contact your SCO Sales Account Representative, or:

Professional Services and Custom Engineering

SCO's Professional Services offer a full suite of consulting services ranging from server deployment and management, migration and web services to customized solutions. For more information on Professional Services, call your SCO Sales Representative, or:

Technical Support

SCO offers a wide array of technical support services ranging from business critical, 24x7 after-hours offerings to traditional support services covering all products and customer types from partners to end users. In addition, SCO support services are available to partners for their own use and resale.

SCO TEAM Support is designed for corporate customers requiring immediate, high-level, technical support. Included with TEAM, your company is assigned a senior technical account manager, who is responsible for assuring successful solution implementation and ongoing support for your SCO systems.

SCO SoftTech Plus includes support for unlimited licenses and installations covering all SCO products, with a guaranteed one-hour response time. This service is targeted at SCO partners and customers who need coverage for all SCO products. With SoftTech Plus, you also have an assigned administrative account manager as your primary contact for administrative issues.

SCO SoftTech includes support for unlimited licenses and installations with a guaranteed up to one-hour response time. SoftTech is available per operating system/product, allowing you the flexibility to add on additional products and services when you need them. Your administrative account manager provides a single point of contact for your administrative issues.

For these and other available options, call your SCO Sales Account Representative, or:

Support bundled with product

If you have purchased product that contains Support bundled with it, refer to your Certificate of License and Authenticity (COLA) for verification. The COLA includes instructions for Product and Support registration. For additional details go to

Online Services -- Self-Help Support

SCO provides extensive 24x7 Self-Help technical support services on SCO products, including installation and configuration support through an easy-to-use, single Web view. The Self-Help web site is located at:

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