Troubleshooting the installation

Solving problems after installation

This section describes some common problems that you could encounter when you boot the system immediately after installing the software.

Cannot configure mouse while X server is running

If you want to configure a mouse after the installation is complete, note that you cannot do so while the X server is running.

Before attempting to run mkdev mouse, be sure that you run scologin stop to turn off the X server. After you have made the mouse configuration modifications that you desire, turn the X server back on by running scologin start.

System not licensed or unregistered software

If you get the error System not licensed when logging in, or see messages about unregistered SCO OpenServer software:

  1. Switch to tty01 by pressing <Ctrl><Alt><F1>.

  2. Log in as root.

  3. Use the command scoadmin license manager (or scoadmin license) to run the License Manager, as described in ``Starting the License Manager''. Confirm that you have a valid license for each installed product by looking for the word Yes in the Licensed column.

  4. To stop the periodic messages about unregistered software, register your products as described in ``Registering products''. Confirm that a product is registered by looking for the word Yes in the Registered column.

  5. Check that your system date accurately reflects today's date by running the date(C) command with no arguments. If the date displayed is not today's date, reset the date with the date command, and reboot the system.

    NOTE: If the system clock was incorrect when you installed SCO OpenServer, you will need to remove your operating system license, fix the system time, then re-add the license. See ``License has expired'' for details.

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