Porting SDI 3 drivers to SDI 4

Porting SDI 3 drivers to SDI 4

This topic provides information about porting drivers to SDI 4.

SDI 4 drivers can use either DDI 8/8mp or DDI 7/7mp, although DDI 8 drivers for mass storage devices must use SDI 4. Only DDI 8 drivers support PCI hot plug functionality; see ``Hotplug devices'' for more information. The manual pages contain detailed information about differences between versions. The following steps summarize the porting procedure:

  1. See ``Porting drivers to DDI 8'' for information about porting drivers to DDI 8. DDI 8 includes significant changes to the supported entry point routine set and syntax changes to the entry points that are retained.

    Note that HBA drivers use the SDI form for the open(D2sdi), close(D2sdi), and ioctl(D2sdi) entry point routines. Target drivers use the DDI form of these entry points and must use the DDI 8 syntax.

  2. Use the extended SCSI addressing functions that are supported by SDI 4. Drivers for Fibre Channel devices must use the extended addressing scheme. For other types of devices, the drivers must use the new forms of the functions, but can set the first parameter to NULL to use conventional addressing schemes.

    See ``Extended SCSI addressing scheme'' for details about implementing this functionality.

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