Using uucp

Using UUCP and dialup commands
        Transferring files between UNIX systems
                Using the uucp command
                        Transferring files to systems that are not connected directly to your own
                        Checking the status of pending file transfers
                        Transferring files to a public directory using uuto
                        Retrieving files from the public directory
        Executing commands on remote UNIX systems
        Dialing up remote systems
                Connecting to a remote terminal
                Using two computers at the same time
                Transferring text files with take and put

Connecting to other computers with UUCP
        Setting up a simple UUCP connection
                Testing the UUCP connection
                Changing the system name
        Configuring UUCP
                Setting up maintenance scripts
                Setting up polling
                Creating login accounts for sites dialing in
                Adding entries for remote sites to the Systems file
                        Creating login scripts
                Specifying dial-up parameters with the Devices file
                        The speed field
                Limiting access with the Permissions file
        How UUCP works
                        A sample UUCP transaction
                        How a UUCP transmission proceeds
        Advanced UUCP configuration
                Defining a communications protocol
                Creating a portable UUCP Systems file
                Specifying alternate UUCP configuration files
                Preventing unknown sites from logging in
                Configuring UUCP for 7-bit systems
                Connecting two local systems using a direct wire
        Troubleshooting UUCP
                Checking for a faulty ACU or modem
                Errors when testing the connection with cu
                        Connect failed: CANNOT ACCESS DEVICE
                Common ``UUCP failed'' messages
                Checking the status of a UUCP request
                Alarms in UUCP audit output, data is not transferring
                Generating log reports on usage: uulog
                Common UUCP log and status file messages
                        DEVICE LOCKED
                Common UUCP error messages
                        UUCP STATUS error messages
                Checking UUCP files and permissions settings
                Verifying that your site name is unique
                UUCP truncates system names to seven characters
                What to check if UUCP is abnormally slow
                What to do if UUCP works, but uux does not
                UUCP troubleshooting utilities
                The UUCP spool directory contents