Managing printers and print jobs

The Printer Manager interface

Adding local printers
    Duplicating a local printer

Connecting to remote UNIX system printers
    Configuring Hewlett-Packard network printers and print services
        Setting up a BOOTP server
        Configuring hosts to use an HP network printer
        Performing maintenance with the HP Network Printer Manager
    Configuring an UUCP dialup printer

Removing local or remote printers

Servicing printers and print services
    Enabling and disabling printers
    Accepting or rejecting print jobs
    Starting and stopping the print services

Changing printer names and connections
    Specifying the system default printer
    Modifying printer creation defaults
    About printer device connections
    About serial communication parameters

Controlling access to printers

About printer classes
    Grouping printers into a class

About the print service
    Overview of print request processing
    About the print request log
    Print service command summary

Managing print jobs
    The Print Job Manager interface
    Selecting and deselecting multiple jobs
    Viewing jobs in the print queue
    Deleting print jobs
    Holding and resuming print jobs
    Transferring a job to another printer
    Moving jobs to the top of the queue
    Setting print queue priorities
        Setting the priority level for a print job
        Setting individual and default priority limits
        Setting the default priority level

Customizing printer configuration
    Setting default printer page size and spacing
    Bypassing the spooler
    Specifying the number of banners
    About printer interface scripts
        Creating printer interface scripts
        Setting up printer interface scripts
    Adding a new printer manually
        Adding a printer entry to the terminfo database
    Creating and using printer forms
        Mounting and unmounting forms
    Creating and using printer filters
        About content types
        Detecting printer fault indicators with filters
    Font cartridges, character sets, print wheels
        Specifying character sets
        Specifying font cartridges to use with a printer
    Setting up printer fault alerts
        Specifying the print fault recovery method
        Alerting to mount forms and font cartridges
    Setting up a printer with multiple names
    Attaching a printer to a serial terminal
        Handling different stty settings
    Configuring a spooled local terminal printer
    Initializing parallel printers with an init device file
    Customizing the toolbar

Troubleshooting the Printer Manager
    Remote administration problem
    Transferring jobs between printers
    Missing or corrupted database files

Troubleshooting the print system
    lpsched print scheduler is not running
    Printer does not print
    Cannot redirect output to printer
    Port does not respond
    Printer output is illegible
    Printer output spacing is wrong
    Parallel printer is slow
        Setting up polling
        Changing the MODE_SELECT kernel parameter
    Printer reports UUCP errors