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Company Information

Trolltech is an international software company with headquarters in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Redwood City, California.

Our flagship product is Qt, the multi-platform C++ GUI toolkit. Qt enables you to build professional, efficient, portable and maintainable GUI applications quickly and easily.

Qt/Embedded, the embedded version of Qt, is designed to power todays new generation of embedded computers and electronic consumer devices. On top of that, Qtopia provides a window system and application suite for handheld devices.

Software that makes Sense

Our motto expresses the vision behind our products. We design our products to give our customers the feeling of "this is the way that things were always meant to be".

We know that it is crucial for our customers to have good tools for making good software. Therefore, we do not compromise our demands for superior design and technical quality when we develop our products.

Trolltech is also known for providing top quality technical support to our customers. At Trolltech, support inquiries are handled by the most qualified developers and designers themselves.


Trolltech was founded in 1994. The core team of designers at Trolltech started developing Qt in 1992, and the first commercial version of Qt was released in 1995. Since then, Trolltech has experienced rapid growth, and Qt is currently used in thousands of successful commercial software development projects world wide. At Trolltech, we continously work to improve and expand Qt to ensure that it always represents the state of the art in usability, look and feel, performance, and stability.

For more information, please visit the Trolltech website.

Contact Information


General inquiries and questions. Please check the FAQ to see if your question is already answered there.
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Norway Office

Telephone Street/Mail Address

General inquiries: +47 21 60 48 00
Sandakerveien 116
PO Box 4332 Nydalen
NO-0402 Oslo

All inquiries: +47 21 60 48 01
USA Office

Telephone Street/Mail Address

General inquiries: (+1) 650-551-1676
555 Twin Dolphin Drive
Suite 280
Redwood City, CA 94065

All inquiries: (+1) 650-551-1851

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