Adding online help

Dumping the widget sums

To obtain the widget sums for your manager:

  1. Log in as root and set the environment variable VTCL_HELPTRACE:


    If your DISPLAY is not set, set it as well.

    NOTE: You cannot dump widget in character mode; you must run a graphical session.

  2. Check to see if the SCO Visual Tcl server (xm_vtcld) is running:

    ps -ae | grep xm

    If it is running, use the process number reported by ps for the kill command:

    kill -9 number

  3. Start your manager.

  4. Press <Ctrl><F1>. This brings up the Help Sums browser shown in ``Help Sums browser''. This tool allows you to traverse the widget tree. The browser displays:

    name of the manager script

    name of parent widget

    widgets of the current window

    Help Sums browser

  5. Obtain the top-level sum for the manager. This will be attched to the default help for your manager. Click on the Up The Tree button until it becomes dimmed (stippled). Record the widget sum displayed as the top-level help. Use cut and paste to copy a sum from from the text field (not from the displayed list) to a file.

    NOTE: Always obtain the highest level widget possible. This ensures that your help will cover every element on the window. If you link too low, there is a chance that an window element will have no help. If the user clicks on the Help button and you hooked too low into the tree, SCOHelp will simply default to the top level help for the manager.

  6. Use the buttons to move up and down the tree. Unless you want to attach help to a specific window element (such as a button or field), you should provide help for each window. Widget names ending in popup are the top level sums for windows, as in this example from the template that corresponds to the the Customize Toolbar window:
       outer_custom_popup	: A394055104
    This sum was obtained by walking up the widget tree several levels until main appeared in the ``Parent'' heading.

  7. To attach help to an individual window element, use the cursor to point to it before pressing <Ctrl><F1> again.

  8. If you have trouble figuring out which widget name corresponds to what window element, pressing <F1> will send the individual widget to the standard output - an xterm window.
A1375731876   appgui:
A1755988138   appgui:main_popup:
A1128616599   appgui:main_popup:main.
A1981426470   appgui:main_popup:main.main.
A1786124991   appgui:main_popup:main.main.menuBar.
A1386919722   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:
A1471863506   appgui:main_popup:popup_refreshMenu:
A1607826505   appgui:main_popup:popup_refreshMenu:refreshMenu.
A775419378    appgui:main_popup:popup_refreshMenu:refreshMenu.refreshOn.
A387709761    appgui:main_popup:popup_refreshMenu:refreshMenu.refreshOff.
A2080026605   appgui:main_popup:popup_refreshMenu:refreshMenu.s4.
A297328750    appgui:main_popup:popup_refreshMenu:refreshMenu.refreshInterval.
A1835092798   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:_HelpMenuPane.
A1128642085   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:_HelpMenuPane.HelpOnContext.
A378235817    appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:_HelpMenuPane.HelpOnWindow.
A1512942790   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:_HelpMenuPane.HelpOnKeys.
A1817925870   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:_HelpMenuPane.HelpIndex.
A1647160513   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:_HelpMenuPane.HelpOnHelp.
A1782953504   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:_HelpMenuPane.HelpOnVersion.
A1537824247   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:hostMenu.
A929944906    appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:hostMenu.openhost.
A460663586    appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:hostMenu.s1.
A652036935    appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:hostMenu.exit.
A178869751    appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:fileMenu.
A1284155883   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:fileMenu.examine.
A1286166007   appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:viewMenu.
A429206306    appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:viewMenu.s1.
A980548146    appgui:main_popup:popup__HelpMenuPane:viewMenu.refreshMenu_button.

Template widget sums for main window: appGUI (partial list)

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