exportfs -- export and unexport directories to NFS clients


/usr/sbin/exportfs [-aiuv] [-o options] [pathname]


The exportfs command makes a local directory or filename available for mounting over the network by NFS® clients.


All. Export all pathnames listed in /etc/dfs/dfstab and /etc/exports, or if -u is also specified, unexport all of the currently exported pathnames.

Ignore the options in /etc/dfs/dfstab and /etc/exports. Normally, exportfs will consult /etc/dfs/dfstab for the options associated with the exported pathname.

Unexport the indicated pathname. A pathname is required if -u is not used in conjunction with -a.

Verbose. Print each directory or filename as it is exported or unexported.

-o options
Specify a comma-separated list of optional characteristics for the pathname being exported. options can be selected from among:

Export the pathname read-only. If not specified, the pathname is exported read-write.

rw= hostname[: hostname] ...
Export the pathname read-mostly. Read-mostly means exported read-only to most machines, but read-write to those specified. If not specified, the pathname is exported read-write to all.

anon= uid
If a request comes from an unknown user, use UID as the effective user ID.

NOTE: root users (UID) are always considered ``unknown'' by the NFS server, unless they are included in the root option below. The default value for this option is -2. Setting the value of anon to -1 disables anonymous access.

root= hostname[: hostname] ...
Give root access only to the root users from a specified hostname. The default is for no hosts to be granted root access.

access= client[: client] ...
Give mount access to each client listed.

NOTE: You cannot export a directory that is either a parent- or a sub-directory of one that is currently exported and within the same filesystem. It would be invalid, for example, to export both /var and /var/spool if both directories resided in the same disk partition.



static export information

current state of exported pathnames


exportfs uses information contained in the /etc/dfs/dfstab and /etc/exports files to export pathname (which must be specified as a full pathname). The user with appropriate administrative privileges can run exportfs at any time to alter the list or characteristics of exported directories and filenames. Directories and files that are currently exported are listed in the file /etc/dfs/sharetab.

With no options or arguments, exportfs prints out the list of directories and filenames currently exported.


showmount(ADMN), showmount(NF)
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