OSF/Motif window manager resources

OSF/Motif window manager resources

Because the window manager is a major component of the SCO OpenServer Graphical Environment, there are a number of window manager resources that you may be interested in using. This appendix describes these resources.

NOTE: The OSF/Motif resources discussed here are relevant to the SCO Panner window manager in both pmwm and mwm modes. However, some of the resources have different default values in the different modes. Where this is true, both values are described. (See ``Selecting between SCO Panner and OSF/Motif modes'' for information on the different SCO Panner window manager modes.)

The pmwm mode uses a number of resources that are not applicable to mwm mode. These resources are described in ``Setting SCO Panner resources''.

The window manager uses three categories of resources:

The following sections describe the resources that you can use to customize the window manager in both pmwm and mwm modes. These resources are listed in reference tables, which organize the resources according to the aspect of the window manager that they configure. Following each reference table, in alphabetical order, is a description of each of the resources mentioned in the table. These description sections indicate if a resource belongs to the specific appearance and behavior category, the component appearance category, or the client-specific category.

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