Desktop Graphical Environment

Overview of the Graphical Environment
        Understanding servers and clients
        Components of the Graphical Environment
        Customizing the Graphical Environment
        Graphical Environment configuration files
                The .startxrc file
                The .Xdefaults-hostname file
                The pmwmrc and .mwmrc files
                Desktop rule files
        Guidelines for configuring the Graphical Environment
        Looking at the Graphical Environment

Configuring the Graphical Environment from the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop
        Using the Preferences Editor
                Using the Preferences Editor dialog boxes
                Preference categories
                Using the Preferences Library
        Changing how you start and exit the Graphical Environment
        Changing colors with the Color control
                Creating a new palette
                Deleting a palette
                Changing colors in a palette
                Color buttons
                Mixing colors
                Colors for grayscale monitors
                Colors for DOS programs
        Changing Desktop fonts
        Changing the background pattern
                Selecting the background pattern
                Removing background patterns
                Defining the bitmap/pixmap path
        Changing mouse characteristics
        Configuring the keyboard
        Changing the system bell
        Controlling access to your display
        Changing desktop, directory, dialog box, and icon behavior
                Main Desktop behavior options
                Desktop window behavior options
                Treeview desktop behavior options
                Directory window behavior options
                Dialog box behavior options
                Icon behavior options
        Configuring tools
        Configuring devices

Customizing startup of the Graphical Environment
        Starting a Graphical Environment session
                Running scologin
                        Configuring scologin's startup behavior
                        Defining X server sessions
                        Logging out of scologin
                Running the startx script
                Using grey-scale monochrome monitors with the X server
                Solving problems exiting the X server
                Using the session manager
                        Starting scosession
                        Stopping scosession
                        Using scosession options
        Using environment variables
        Customizing scologin
                Using the scologin administration script
                Configuring scologin on multiple displays
                About XDMCP X server options
                Running scologin with XDMCP
                Running scologin with the Xservers file
                        Step 1: Stopping existing scologin processes
                        Step 2: Editing the Xservers file
                        Step 3: Enabling access to the remote display
                        Step 4: Running the X server on the remote display
                        Step 5: Starting scologin
        Using X terminals
                Managing an X terminal display with scologin
                        X terminals that do not support XDMCP
                        X terminals that support XDMCP
                Running a session on an X terminal without scologin

Running a different desktop environment