Developing MDI network adapter drivers

Introduction to MDI
        MDI driver structure
                Header files and declarations
                MDI driver initialization, configuration, and closing
                MDI transmit data
                MDI interrupt handling
        Driver configuration
                SVR5 MDI configuration
                SCO OpenServer 5 MDI configuration

Porting network adapter drivers to MDI 2
        Porting SCO OpenServer 5 MDI drivers to MDI 2
                Coding changes
                Makefile changes
                Modifications to DSP files
        Porting SVR5 DLPI drivers to MDI 2

MDI style guidelines
        General guidelines
        Handling hardware errors
        MDI advanced features
                Multiprocessor-safe drivers
                Driver dependencies
                Maximum PDU size
                Configurable MAC address
                Increasing receive performance
                Increasing transmit performance

Configuring SVR5 MDI drivers
        Driver Software Package (DSP) contents
        Configuration notes
                Retrieving CUSTOM information
                Node file convention
                Drvmap file convention
                Extended ISA verify support

Configuring SCO OpenServer 5 MDI drivers
        Adapter Options File (AOF)
                ADAPTER: section
                Specifying other sections
        Acfg utilities for ISA adapters
                Acfg output file format
                Acfg search mode
                Acfg set mode
                Accessing the I/O bus and the address bus
        lkcfg scripts
                Stzget utility
                lkcfg shell library functions
        Script debugging tips

Testing and debugging MDI drivers
        Code review
        Debuging hints
        Setting up the test machines
        Installing MDI drivers for testing
                SVR5 MDI driver installation
                SCO OpenServer 5 MDI driver installation
        Checking the driver package
        Running the automated network driver test suites
        Test network driver performance
        General system stress test
        Running manual tests

Using the SVR5 ndcert test suites
        Installing the test suites
        Executing the test suites
        Viewing the journal (result) files
        Detailed description of the test suites
                MDI test suite
                DLPI MDI (Data Link Provider Interface) test
                TCP UTILITY test suite
                DRIVER STRESS test suite
                NCARD test suite
                TCP STRESS and SPX STRESS test suites
                NFS STRESS test suite
        Example checklist

Testing SCO OpenServer 5 network adapter drivers

Creating help files for network driver configuration
        Template and sample files
        Help file guidelines
                HTML format
                Naming conventions
                Configuration parameters
        Related information
                Creating HTML

SCO ISDN adapter drivers
        Creating an ISDN driver
                ISDN I/O controls (ioctls)
                The ISDN command message protocol
                ISDN structures
        Porting existing ISDN drivers