Using SCO Shell

Using SCO Shell
        Starting SCO Shell
                What the SCO Shell screen areas do
                Using menus in SCO Shell
                Canceling an operation
                Error messages
                Getting help in SCO Shell
                Using the accelerator keys
                Using a mouse
                Quitting SCO Shell
        Managing files with SCO Shell
                Files and directories
                Using subdirectories
                The current directory
                Naming and organizing files and directories
        Using the Manager menu
                Selecting files
                        Choosing files
                        Changing directories
                        Using wildcard characters
        Using the Manager menu options
                Looking at a file
                Changing the appearance of windows
                        Changing the content of the File window
                Editing a file
                        Editing commands
                        Pop-up list of extra edit-mode commands
                Managing files
                        Copying files
                        Renaming and moving files
                        Removing files
                        Finding files
                        Managing file permissions
                        Recovering erased files
                Managing directories
                        Changing the current directory
                        Creating a new directory
                        Removing an empty directory
                        Changing directory permissions
                Copying files to and from tape or disk
                        Preparing to use removable media
                        Formatting a disk or tape
                        Copying files to disk or tape
                        Listing files on disk or tape
                        Extracting files from disk or tape
                        Specifying the type of format for archiving
                        Specifying the archive device address
                Using the clipboard from the Manager menu
                Setting preferences for text editing
                Exiting the Manager menu
        Running utilities and applications
                What utilities are available
                        Adding a utility to the list
                What applications are available
                        Adding an application to the list
                Copying items between applications with the clipboard
        Printing files
                Displaying or canceling print jobs
                Selecting a printer

SCO Shell accessories
        Using the Calendar
                Starting the Calendar
                Quitting from the Calendar
                Moving between days
                        After selecting the new date
                        Returning to the current date
                Scheduling a meeting or event
                        Scheduling single events
                        Scheduling repeating events
                        Selecting Public or Private access
                        Notifying invitees about an event
                        Changing or deleting a repeating event
                        Searching for free time
                        Choosing a free time
                        Resolving scheduling conflicts
                        Scheduling timeless events
                        Scheduling durationless events
                Adding ``To do'' items to the Calendar
                Changing an event
                Deleting an event
                Viewing the Calendar
                        Viewing an event
                        Viewing a week
                        Viewing a month
                        Viewing a range of dates
                        Viewing a free-time list
                Printing the calendar
                        Printing an event
                        Printing calendars for a day, week, or month
                        Selecting an alternative printer
                Transferring information from the Calendar to other applications
                        Transferring an event
                        Transferring events for a day, week, or month
                        Transferring events from a range of dates
                Setting Calendar options
                        Accessing other calendars
                        Creating a new calendar
                        Setting calendar preferences
                        Setting permissions on the current calendar
                        Deleting a calendar
                        Renaming a calendar
                        Managing aliases
                Adding an alternative calendar to your Application List
                Resolving problems with Calendar information
        Using the Calculator
                Starting the Calculator
                Calculator commands
                Using the Calculator's features
                        Simple arithmetic
                        Scrolling the tape
                        Storing numbers in memory
                        Negative numbers
                        If you enter the wrong number
                        Exiting the Calculator

Using SCO Shell Mail
                Starting mail
                Quitting from mail
                Getting help when you are using e-mail
                Reading mail
                        Speed-reading mail
                        Reading an attachment
                Replying to a message
                Forwarding a message to another user
                        Changing the comment line in forwarded messages
                Saving a message
                        Saving a message to a file
                        Saving a message to a mail folder
                        Automatically saving a message when you have read it
                        Saving a message with an attachment
                Deleting a message
                        Restoring a message
                        Automatically deleting saved messages
                Printing a message
                Viewing the history of a message
                Organizing your mail
                        Viewing the contents of a folder or drawer
                        Starting mail from a different mail folder
                        Creating a new folder or drawer
                        Renaming a folder or drawer
                        Moving a folder
                        Deleting a folder or a drawer
                        Switching to a new mail folder
                Listing specified mail messages
                Changing the format of the message list
                Creating and sending a message
                Editing a message's address before sending the message
                Editing a message before you send it
                Canceling a message before you send it
                Holding a message for delivery at a later time
                        Retrieving a held message
                Delaying the delivery of a message
                Retrieving a delayed message
                        Editing a delayed message
                        Sending all delayed messages now
                        Canceling a delayed message
                Saving the messages you send
                        Archiving your outgoing mail
                Including a file or a message in mail
                Including information from other applications in a message
                Attaching a file to a message
                Sending a message to a list of people
                        Creating a new alias
                        Editing an alias
                        Deleting an alias
                        Viewing an alias
                        Including yourself in an alias
                        Problems with using an alias
                Verifying the delivery address before sending the message
                Attaching a signature to your messages
                Including your real name in the message header
                Running UNIX commands from within SCO Shell Mail
                Sending large files via mail
                Sending mail to other computers