Using SCO Mail

Using Mail
        Viewing messages and attachments
                Selecting messages or attachments
                Viewing a specific set of messages
                Viewing deleted messages
                Viewing all messages
                Sorting messages
                Displaying a message history
                Displaying message headers in text
        Creating mail messages
                Message header information
                Adding additional message header lines
                Addressing messages
                Addressing mail to users on other systems
                Holding draft messages
                Sending an urgent message
                Including messages or files
                Finding specific text in a draft message
                        Finding the next occurrence
                Creating personal mail aliases
                        Adding a mail alias
                        Modifying a mail alias
                        Removing an alias
                        Adding an alias member
                        Removing members from an alias
                Including yourself on an alias
                Maintaining aliases in a file
        Replying to messages
                Customizing a reply
                Editing the text of messages
        Forwarding messages
        Saving messages
                Saving messages in mail folders
                Saving messages quickly in the hot folder
                Saving messages in files
                Saving copies of mail you send
        Deleting and undeleting messages
                Deleting saved messages automatically
                Discarding deleted messages
        Printing messages
                Modifying the print command
                Specifying printer and viewer capabilities
        Using mail folders
                Reading messages in mail folders
                Using the hot folder
                Creating and modifying the hot list
                Saving changes to mail folders
                Closing mail folders
                Reopening the default mailbox
        Using mail attachments
                Reading mail attachments
                Including mail attachments
                        Viewing a draft attachment
                        Editing an attachment to a draft message
                        Removing an attachment from a draft message
                Creating mail attachments
                Specifying attachment types
                Saving attachments
                Multipart messages
                Displaying multipart text automatically
                Adding Microsoft attachment types
        Customizing Mail
                Specifying a text editor
                Indenting text lines automatically
                Specifying an indent string
                Specifying mail delivery options
                Specifying your signature
                Specifying name information
                Delaying mail delivery
                        Recovering delayed delivery messages
                Sending mail notifications during an extended absence
                Turning point help off or on
                Specifying persistent message header displays
        Resolving problems
                Recipient cannot read an attachment
                Toolbar buttons are dimmed
                Error messages
        Window and menu information
                The Mailbox window
                        The message list display headings
                        The toolbar buttons
                        The Folder menu
                        The Edit menu
                        The View menu
                        The Search menu
                        The Message menu
                        The Preferences menu
                The Message window
                The toolbar buttons
                        The Message menu
                        The Edit menu
                        The Text menu
                        The Attachments menu
                        The Preferences menu
                Deliver preferences
                Message preferences
                Folder preferences
                Mail keyboard commands
                The message list symbols
                The attachment type symbols
                Using the file selection window
        Mail glossary